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EVENT: Explore Exporting to the Ireland



23rd November 2022 - 10:00 - 11:15





Learn about the latest export opportunities coming out of Ireland

In this interactive webinar which will focus on:

Ireland is an obvious choice for UK exporters. It is our closest EU neighbour with a common language and overlapping culture. Many UK exporters have looked to Ireland as their gateway to the EU post-Brexit. The close links and ferry routes between Wales and Ireland further make it a key export target.

Ireland is the fifth largest export destination for UK businesses and the largest source of imports to the Irish economy, accounting for some 30% of the total. Exports to Ireland top £40b per year.

Ireland is recognised as a leader in several sectors from strong local companies and having attracted international investment through favourable conditions.

In this webinar we will look in more detail at the opportunities for Welsh business in the Irish market, with information on the economy, key sectors and how to do business.

Attendance is free, so reserve your place early to avoid disappointment.