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Do you need to make a web application multilingual?

LinguaSkin is an innovative solution which enables multi-language online services and switchable language packs to be created simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

25 April 2024


Jonathan Low

HCM Product Manager

Iris Software Group


At Staffology HR, part of the IRIS Software Group, our core mission has always been to serve small to medium-sized businesses with efficient, user-friendly HR solutions.

As our strategic vision expanded to include more global markets, including Wales, we recognised the crucial need for multilingual capabilities to comply with regional legislation like the Welsh Language Act. This requirement was not just a local necessity but a global one, pushing us towards a solution that could universally transform our software. LinguaSkin, with whom we've had a long-standing partnership through our other software ventures, was the natural choice to help us navigate this challenge.

Our relationship with LinguaSkin began back in 2016 collaborating with mutual clients, but it wasn’t until 2023 that we fully implemented their technology into our newest product Staffology HR. Throughout these years, Richard and his team at LinguaSkin have been more than service providers; they have been patient advisors and proactive supporters. Their dedication to offering their expertise, often going beyond the call of duty without charge, has been instrumental in our project’s success.

LinguaSkin's proxy localisation technology isn't just about translating text; it's about culturally and contextually adapting our platform to meet diverse market needs. This nuanced understanding of translation and localisation has enabled us to effectively integrate multiple languages into our product, making it accessible and compliant across different regions. The LinguaSkin team's global experience, having worked with a plethora of languages and cultural contexts, provided us with invaluable insights that shaped our approach to multilingual functionality.

Communication and project management with LinguaSkin have been seamless. Their team's responsiveness and eagerness to assist at every turn made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. It's rare to find a company that maintains a perfect balance of professionalism and friendliness, working with LinguaSkin felt like collaborating with a trusted friend.

Looking forward, as we continue to grow and acquire businesses in new regions like the US, we are excited to deepen our partnership with LinguaSkin. The next step involves creating a US English language pack overlay, leveraging LinguaSkin's unique capabilities to meet the specific linguistic needs of the American market.

LinguaSkin doesn't just solve translation problems; they enhance products in ways that truly resonate with users globally. Their service-oriented approach, commitment to excellence, and deep understanding of the intricacies involved in software localisation set them from any competitors. For any business looking to expand internationally while ensuring cultural and linguistic accuracy, LinguaSkin is, without a doubt, the partner to have by your side.

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