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Do you need to make a web application multilingual?

LinguaSkin is an innovative solution which enables multi-language online services and switchable language packs to be created simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

19 February 2024

In the digital age, the power of language in connecting people cannot be overstated. As businesses and services seek to extend their reach across global markets, the demand for multilingual digital platforms has surged.

Welsh technology firm, LinguaSkin has positioned itself at the forefront of this linguistic revolution, harnessing proxy localisation technology to transform monolingual websites into multilingual gateways. The businesses commitment to innovation, problem-solving, and the creation of high-value user experiences, are just a few key reasons why this Welsh hidden gem is leading the UK market and making waves internationally.

Richard Sheppard, Managing Director explains how LinguaSkin is driven by a simple yet powerful mission:

“Our goal is to break down language barriers online, making digital content accessible and inclusive. By employing sophisticated proxy localisation technology, LinguaSkin enables websites to offer seamless multilingual experiences without the need for extensive redevelopment. This approach not only solves a significant problem for our clients looking to expand their international footprint but also enhances the user experience, ensuring that audiences worldwide can engage with digital content in their native language.”

The company's solutions are a testament to the vibrant tech ecosystem developing in Wales, where traditional industries are embracing new technology to create products and services with global impact.

LinguaSkin's success lies in its ability to address a fundamental challenge faced by many businesses, how to effectively reach and communicate with a diverse global audience.

By making websites and digital platforms multilingual, LinguaSkin not only helps businesses tap into new markets but also significantly improves customer satisfaction and engagement. This problem-solving approach has garnered LinguaSkin acclaim from clients across various sectors, from government organisations seeking to comply with language legislation to corporations aiming to enhance their global presence.

As LinguaSkin continues to grow and export its services worldwide, it remains one of Wales's best-kept secrets, setting an example how Welsh businesses can make a profound impact on the global stage.


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