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11 March 2024


Careers Wales has set a new standard for bilingual digital services in the public sector by successfully implementing a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Resources (HR) system, fully functional in both English and Welsh.

This groundbreaking initiative, in partnership with the South Wales-based tech innovator LinguaSkin, marks a significant stride towards fostering an inclusive, bilingual working environment and aligning with the requirements of the Welsh Language Act.

The need for a bilingual solution became evident when Careers Wales recognised the limitations of its pre-existing CRM system, particularly after merging departments. The COVID-19 pandemic presented an opportune moment for the organisation to re-evaluate and innovate its digital transformation strategy.

The primary goal was to develop a CRM system that would not only streamline internal operations but also resonate with the organisation's commitment to language equality.

LinguaSkin's innovative proxy localisation technology was the key in this transformation. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Dynamics, the chosen platform for the new CRM system, LinguaSkin enabled Careers Wales staff to effortlessly switch between English and Welsh, ensuring a bilingual interface that was intuitive and user-friendly.

Amie Field, CRM Delivery Project Manager at Careers Wales, expressed her satisfaction with the project's outcome,

“Our collaboration with LinguaSkin has been a game-changer. The ability for our staff to work in their language of choice has significantly enhanced our internal operations and our service delivery. LinguaSkin's commitment to understanding our needs, coupled with their exceptional communication and project management, was instrumental in the seamless implementation of the new systems.”

“Our staff don't even realise they're using a proxy system. The technology by LinguaSkin is that sophisticated. We believe we're the first in the public sector to integrate a Welsh interface to this extent, and it's a milestone we're incredibly proud of.”

The project's success was not limited to the CRM system alone. Encouraged by the positive outcome, Careers Wales extended the bilingual capability, to its newly developed HR system.

This holistic approach ensured that staff could manage their professional responsibilities and personal HR-related tasks in the language they preferred.

By providing staff with the choice to operate in Welsh or English, Careers Wales is setting a precedent for other public sector bodies, showcasing the potential of bilingual digital transformation in enhancing workplace culture and compliance with statutory language requirements.

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