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17 June 2024

A global software group has released a Welsh language version of its cloud-based HR solution.

IRIS Software Group (IRIS) worked in partnership with LinguaSkin to provide the Welsh language option on Staffology HR. It is now available to more than 1,400 businesses of all sizes.

The move means that businesses using Staffology HR can now toggle between seven supported languages – Welsh, British and American English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

Stephanie Coward, Managing Director of Human Capital Management (HCM) at IRIS, said:

“With the launch of this new Welsh language feature, Staffology HR continues to support businesses in creating global, inclusive, and efficient work environments. IRIS is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of its clients, allowing them to rest easy with ongoing compliance updates to focus on higher-priority tasks: managing and growing their businesses.”

The firm says that the multi-language functionality supports compliance with regional legislation and broadens global inclusivity and accessibility. It says the new addition of the Welsh language option helps HR professionals adhere to the Welsh Language Standards and ensure compliance with the Welsh Language Act, as well as enabling Welsh employees to access the platform in their native or preferred language.

Helen Pugsley, The Welsh Language Commissioner's Senior HR Officer, said:

“Staffology HR is a fantastic system, and we are delighted that IRIS has provided us with software in the Welsh language. We collaborated closely with the team and feel that our feedback has been genuinely valued. Our staff have responded positively to the software, and we would highly recommend it.”

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