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Business News Wales is a hybrid media and communications business that provides a suite of content production services combined with a highly targeted distribution network. We work closely with in-house marketing and communications teams and a variety of PR agency partners to provide strategic consultancy and content production support services.

We don’t replace what our clients do; we integrate our team into theirs, adding a new layer of value through efficiency and strategic insight.

  • Visibility – We ensure your brand and message is front of mind and consistently visible.
  • Data – We offer a suite of response-driven and data-capture services.

Open-Source Communication: Transforming Organisational Narratives

Open-source communication is an innovative a unique service from the team behind Business News Wales, which is a hybrid of a traditional public relations agency and a modern media outlet. Our team of experienced journalists and storytellers use a conversational, open-source approach to gather information directly from an organisation’s leadership team.

We then curate, craft, and transform conversations into compelling stories, features, columns, podcasts, social media assets and more. Finally, we activate a precision-targeted distribution strategy and, in doing so, help redefine how you measure ROI from your communication objectives.

We support organisations across all regions of Wales, including:

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