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Caerphilly Council’s WHQS Programme will see £10m Invested Into Improving Sheltered Housing Schemes


Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) programme will see approximately £10.1 million invested into improving sheltered housing schemes throughout the county borough.

The programme will see £7 million spent on internal works in sheltered housing schemes, as well as a further £3.1 million on external improvements.

The council’s in-house workforce will undertake the WHQS improvement works on 28 sheltered housing schemes within the borough, with support when necessary from sub-contractors. Meetings will be held with residents of the individual schemes in advance of the planned surveys to provide more information on the extent and timing of the works, as well as to advise what support will be provided by the authority to assist residents during the process.

Re-modelling options are also being considered for a further 6 sheltered housing schemes. The relevant consultation with residents and tenant representatives has already been undertaken in relation to these 6 schemes.

The improvements to the 28 sheltered housing schemes form part of the Council’s £200 million WHQS improvement programme which will see all council owned homes in the county borough brought up to Welsh Government set standards by 2020.

Cllr David Poole, Cabinet Member for Housing said:

“The improvement works that have been scheduled to take place on 28 sheltered housing schemes within Caerphilly county borough will see tenant’s homes transformed and we will consult with tenants at the earliest opportunity. The scheduled works are due to take place alongside the main programme of WHQS works to ensure that works are progressed in line with the 2020 deadline”.