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The Enterprise team at Wrexham University support organisations of all sizes and sectors to collaborate, innovate and grow.

Engaging with Wrexham University can bring genuine benefits to your business; whether through shared knowledge initiatives or graduate-level recruitment. All organisations have different needs, and our dedicated business development team can tailor the right support for you.

30 April 2024

Paving the Way Wrexham University’s Transformative Work Placements

International postgraduate students at Wrexham University are benefiting from real experience of business environments.

Many of the postgraduate degrees on offer at the university are Masters with Advanced Practice Placements, meaning students extend their studies to include either an internship working within a company or organisation, or an applied consultancy project working with an organisation on a live business problem.

Business News Wales spoke to Tom Williams, Advanced Practice Support Officer for Wrexham University, about what the scheme offers to students and to the businesses who take part.

You can contact Tom on Tom.Williams@wrexham.ac.uk to find out more or visit Advanced Practice Placements at Wrexham University

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