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19 September 2023

Wales Mental Health Award Finalists Ready for Big Announcement

The winners of the 2023 Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards Wales have been decided, but the judges are keeping tight-lipped about who will collect the honours. 

In mid-August the nine judges got together to decide who will take the coveted top spot in a number of categories, including Workplace Wellbeing, Best Mental Health Support Service, Inspiring Individual, Inspirational Leader Award, Outstanding Impact in Education, Inspirational Charitable Organisation, Inspiring Young Person, Best Wellbeing Product, Best Wellbeing Service, and Volunteer of the Year.

The Trudy Williams Award will also be presented to someone who deserves particular recognition for the outstanding work they do in mental health and wellbeing. This special award is given in memory of Trudy Williams, a former employee of The Ajuda Foundation, who died in a car accident in August 2022, and was someone whose own work in mental health and wellbeing was remarkable.

This is a separate award decided by the judges and can be someone from any of the categories, finalist or not.

Dawn Evans, CEO of The Ajuda Foundation, which runs the awards, said:

“We had more than 200 nominations across the 10 categories, the standard of which was, again, extremely high.

“The judges all noted how these awards have highlighted how much individuals and organisations do for mental health and wellbeing throughout Wales, and are helping to drive success.

“We had nominations showcasing the commitment, and dedication of people who see mental health as being an integral part of everything they do, with relatable stories about the ways in which they support others, and have a wide-reaching impact on individuals and organisations.

“With so many inspirational stories, it was very difficult to choose the finalists in each category, and there was a lot of discussion, with each judge championing their own personal favourite.  There were even a few tears along the way, but, in the end, we managed to choose our finalists in each category.”

The presentations will take place on 2 October at City Hall, Cardiff, as part of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference.


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