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23 August 2023

Unleashing Digital Excellence: A Venture into the Digital Skills Bootcamp

Jack Mayers, Digital Learning Executive at Big Learning Company, highlights the organisation's commitment to empowering individuals with the essential digital skills necessary for success in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Partnering with Cardiff Capital Region Venture Graduates, Big Learning Company is the lead provider of the “Venture into Digital Skills Bootcamp.” The bootcamp is designed to equip graduates with a well-rounded skill set, while addressing the digital demands of the modern workforce.

The bootcamp strikes a balance between cutting-edge skills like artificial intelligence and fundamental capabilities often overlooked, such as effective digital communication and collaboration. With a unique blend of industry expertise and educational insights, Big Learning Company's close ties with Tramshed Tech allow for pinpointing precisely what industries seek in new talent.

For recent graduates eager to launch their digital careers, the “Venture into Digital Skills Bootcamp” stands as a beacon of opportunity, fostering a dynamic synergy between education and industry demands. Businesses seeking skilled and ready-to-contribute talent are also invited to participate, capitalising on this opportunity to engage with a pipeline of capable individuals.

To join the Venture into Boot Camp, businesses simply need to fill out an expression of interest form on the website, stating their skills shortage or required roles. The program’s launch event on September 4th will provide an excellent networking opportunity for businesses to meet shortlisted graduates and witness their progression throughout the boot camp.


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