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6 December 2023

Transformative Education – Unlocking Potential and Building Futures at Cardiff and Vale College

In a recent Business News Wales Digital Discussion hosted by Carwyn Jones, Sharon James-Evans, the Principal of Cardiff and Vale College, shared insights into the college's impactful journey and commitment to creating positive change in the community.

The discussion, led by Carwyn Jones, delved into the college's mission, the evolving landscape of education, and its crucial role as an economic driver in Wales.

Cardiff and Vale College stands out as a dynamic and inclusive college, contributing significantly to the local economy and society. With a turnover of £125 million and over 4,000 staff, the college has become one of the largest in Wales.

Sharon emphasised the dedication to vocational education, challenging traditional perceptions and advocating for a balanced approach that recognises the value of skills and qualifications beyond academia. The conversation also explored the innovative Junior Apprenticeship scheme, a transformative initiative designed to support young individuals at risk of disengaging from traditional education.

Sharon highlighted the success of the programme, emphasising the importance of experiential learning and vocational pathways in building self-esteem and offering viable career options.

The discussion underscored the pivotal role Cardiff and Vale College plays as an economic driver, aligning its curriculum with the demands of local industries and fostering partnerships with businesse, emphasising the college's commitment to providing a diverse range of apprenticeships, ensuring that learners are equipped with the skills needed in the ever-evolving job market.

As Cardiff and Vale College continues to celebrate successes and drive positive change, Sharon James-Evans remains passionate about education's power to transform lives, advocating for inclusive approaches and opportunities for all. The college's dedication to creating skilled and employable individuals reflects a commitment to building a brighter future for the community and contributing to the economic prosperity of Wales.


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