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17 July 2023

The Digital Bootcamps Doing the Digital Business for Your Business

Where can employers connect with the digital graduate talent that’s right for their business – and engage those priceless digital skills, at zero cost?

How can an employer secure – and sponsor – work-ready digital employees capable of hitting the ground running and making a real difference, from day one?

CCR’s Venture into Digital Bootcamps is the answer to those big questions – and employers across South East Wales can become part of this unique recruitment and training gamechanger that will build precious graduate talent pipelines in Digital, Data and Cybersecurity, through three bespoke Bootcamps.

By registering here – Register your interest now – employers in the Cardiff Capital Region have the chance to meet graduates about to undergo the Bootcamp training, giving those businesses the opportunity to match their needs with the individual graduate and arrange a job interview at the end of the 3-week intensive training programme.

We spoke with some of the key drivers of this innovative new programme, to discover just how valuable the Bootcamp skills are to many different companies in our region….

Generating the skills needed to meet industry demand

“The Venture into Digital Bootcamps programme offers a unique opportunity for employers in our region to connect with talented STEM graduates – and ensure their business gains access to industry-ready digital, data and cyber talent,” explains Rowena O’Sullivan, Skills & Talent Manager at Cardiff Capital Region.

“Digital, Data and Cyber skills are all part of a critical mix that enable and empower modern-day businesses. In many ways, they’re the building blocks of this fourth industrial revolution that is transforming what we do and how we do it.

“So we’re delighted to have brought together industry-best training experts who are acknowledged as skills leaders in their particular field – with each of these teams providing the very best hothouse development programmes, proven to take STEM graduates to a level where they can make an immediate impact in the workplace.

“All three Bootcamps will help generate the skillsets that power the future for tens of thousands of businesses in South East Wales – delivering the talent pipeline that will help make South East Wales the connected, competitive and resilient region detailed in CCR’s Regional Economic & Industrial Plan.”

“Ultimately, these are extraordinary life-changing opportunities for the graduates and outstanding future-enhancing opportunities for businesses – and we’re incredibly excited at the difference they will make when they commence on September 4th, 2023.”

Nurturing precious skills in Digital

The Digital Bootcamp has been designed by The Big Learning Company – and will be delivered by their expert team, who have years of experience in taking ‘new talent’ and transforming those people into skilled working professionals, within a few short weeks.

We spoke with Jack Mayers, Digital Learning Executive of The Big Learning Company to learn more about the comprehensive and intensive digital training that is being delivered:

“The Digital Bootcamp is finely tuned to equip every participant with the knowledge and expertise they need to thrive in the most dynamic of digital landscapes – through a combination of interactive workshops and hands-on projects, covering key dimensions that include Implementing Digital Processes and Machine Learning, Digital Communications, Digital Marketing, User Experience Design, and much more.

“It’s a tremendous launchpad for new digital professionals – and will play a vital role in enabling employers in our region to be the best they can be.”

Building vital expertise in Data

Data Science is now one of the most valuable skills (and deepest skill shortages) in the UK – which is why the Venture into Data Bootcamp promises to be such a valuable catalyst in developing data talent and matching it with the right employer.

Delivered by the award-winning iungo Solutions team, this Bootcamp is a gateway to the fascinating world of data analysis, for both potential employee and employer.

“This bespoke programme gives every participant a solid foundation in data analytics and collaborative software – through a deep dive into programming and business intelligence” says Jessica Leigh Jones, Founder of iungo Solutions.

“It develops the priceless ability to extract valuable insights from complex datasets, so an employer knows they are recruiting a data-driven problem solver when they hire someone who has completed this Bootcamp.

“In a data-driven world where the ability to make evidence-based decisions is increasingly the difference between business success and failure, we’re looking forward to building a talent pipeline that really will give the employers of this region a competitive advantage.”

Growing the talent we need in Cybersecurity

South East Wales is the fastest-growing digital economy outside London – so Cybersecurity is simply critical to the success of our region.

The Venture into Cyber Bootcamp is focused on building the cyber skillsets that can enable and empower enterprises of every sector in the Cardiff Capital Region – through the dedicated skills team of the Cyber Innovation Hub (CIH).

Professor Pete Burnap, Founding Director of the CIH explains how learners who complete the Cyber Bootcamp can make an immediate impact for their employers:

“Well over 60% of employers have experienced some form of cyber security attack – and with this being an ever-growing field, our training is designed to give people the skills they need to defend against a wide range of cyber threats.

“We immerse participants in the world of network security, threat detection, ethical hacking and incident response – giving hands-on experience through real-world scenarios that enable people to learn how to safeguard vital information against cyber threats.”

If you’re an employer in our region looking to connect with talented STEM graduates – and ensure your enterprise gains access to industry-ready digital, data and cyber talent – Register your interest now

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