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Inaugural Meeting of the Green Industries Wales Frames the Future of Energy in Wales


The inaugural meeting of key stakeholders in the Green Industries Wales Collaborative Cluster demonstrated the huge importance of bringing together the views and ambitions of the enterprises and regions that together will drive the critical transformation of Wales towards a net zero carbon future.

Chaired by ex-First Minister Carwyn Jones, this virtual meeting of Green Industries Wales’ Advisory Panel scoped a potential framework capable of building a cleaner, greener future and a sustainable prosperity for every community in Wales – discussing how best to connect and collaborate across fundamental areas such as sharing best practice, attracting inward investment, developing future-proofed skillsets, engaging with all communities and communicating both the objectives and progress of the many different projects that, together, gives Wales the opportunity to create a sustainable decarbonised economy recognised as an international standard.

A distinguished Advisory Panel welcomed the opportunity to convey their ambitions for this new connecting movement, with  Kellie Beirne (Director, Cardiff Capital Region), Ben Cottam (Head of Wales, Federation of Small Businesses), Andrew Diplock (Energy & Sustainability Investor), Ioan Jenkins (Founder, Prosperity Energy), Dafydd Gruffydd (Managing Director, Menter Mon Ltd.), Frank Holmes (Chair, Manufacturing Wales), Joanna Pontin (Vice-President Marketing for DST Innovations), Mark Powney (Managing Director of Business News Wales), Ian Price (Director, CBI Wales), Siwan Rees (Senior Programme Manager, Impact Innovations),  Dr. Rhian-Mari Thomas OBE (Chief Executive of the Green Finance Institute), Alwen Williams (Programme Director, North Wales Ambition Board) and Dr Chris Williams (Head of Industrial Carbonisation, Industry Wales) and Andy Richardson (Food and Drink Wales Industry Board) all contributing to a highly positive discussion on what needs to be achieved for Wales to both meet its decarbonisation targets and fulfil its potential as a prosperous nation built on a sustainable economy.

Alwen Williams shared a warm enthusiasm for the aims and ambitions of Green Industries Wales. “North Wales enjoys a number of unique advantages in terms of harnessing natural resources for a sustainable future. We’re already on the way to creating world-first renewable energy programmes that auger well for our economy and communities. But we need to share our thinking with the whole of Wales and learn from the initiatives that are gaining momentum in every part of our country. Bringing everyone together to bridge the North-South divide in Wales will be critical to success for everyone; and I’m hugely excited about this collaboration being an integral part of making that happen.”

Dr Chris Williams stressed the importance of this new eco-system in sharing best practice and driving a coherent move towards decarbonisation. “Government can only do so much – and ultimately achieving our goals by 2050 is in the hands of enterprises and individuals. That’s why Green Industries Wales is so important – an alliance of key stakeholders across the private, third and public sectors working together to communicate objectives, share thinking and ultimately deliver what needs to be delivered.”

The meeting closed with an agreement to move to a ‘Discovery’ stage, exploring the vision and activities of each constituent of the Cluster, with a focus on firming up an agreed plan of action that will take forward a collective agenda for the Green Industries in Wales.

A schedule of activities will be announced shortly.

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