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21 September 2023

Finding Your Future Talent in Tech: Cardiff Capital Region’s Innovative Graduate Development Program


To bridge the ever-widening gap between academia and the workplace, Cardiff Capital Region has embarked on an ambitious journey into the world of data, digital, and cyber bootcamps. Leanna Davies, the Graduate Development Lead, shared exciting insights into this initiative during a recent interview.

Starting on September 4th, this program welcomed 50 exceptionally talented graduates with a grand launch event that included local businesses, training providers, and the program's own team. These graduates are now in their third week of intensive bootcamps, equipping them to become industry leaders.

The bootcamps emerged from a desire to redefine graduate readiness. Cardiff Capital Region partnered with Big Learning company, Iungo Solutions, and Cyber Innovation Hub to create a unique three-week intensive bootcamp. This collaboration focuses on developing practical skills that graduates can immediately apply in the workplace.

As the bootcamps draw to a close on September 22nd, Cardiff Capital Region is hosting a “Find Your Future Talent in Tech Day.” Local businesses are invited to participate in a speed networking event with these freshly upskilled graduates. This presents an opportunity for businesses to tap into a pool of promising talent and address skill shortages in digital, data, and cyber sectors.

If your business is seeking fresh, upskilled talent and you're interested in making a positive impact in these critical fields, don't miss this event. You can sign up on the program's website or reach out directly to Leanna Davies for more information and to schedule a call. Cardiff Capital Region is committed to supporting both graduates and businesses in their quest for excellence and growth in the tech industry.


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