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22 December 2023

A Year of Cyber Innovation and Collaboration

Written By:

Pete Burnap
Wales Cyber Innovation Hub



Reflecting on the past 12 months, it's nothing short of exhilarating to see the Wales Cyber Innovation Hub emerge as a vibrant cluster of activity.

As we end 2023 by unveiling our inaugural annual report, it's a moment to celebrate the remarkable strides we've taken, the collaborative spirit that fuels our mission, and an invitation for you to join us in shaping the future of cybersecurity into 2024.

At the Wales Cyber Innovation Hub, our mission has always been clear: to nurture a world-class pipeline of cybersecurity products, foster high-growth businesses, and cultivate a pool of technically adept talent.

As we stand at the intersection of industry, academia, and government, we have fostered a unique environment that thrives on collaboration among these essential pillars, nurturing the growth of our region's critical cybersecurity ecosystem.

Our partnerships with both businesses and the public sector have allowed us to confront market-driven innovation challenges head-on. Through this collaborative spirit, we have accelerated the development of innovative solutions and empowered our ecosystem with the skills and confidence needed to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of digital transformation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters and funders, the Welsh Government and the Cardiff Capital Region, for their invaluable investment and unwavering support in nurturing the sector. Together, we are shaping our region into a premier cybersecurity cluster, attracting talent from both local and global arenas, all contributing to our shared vision.

Let us also acknowledge the dedicated team at the Cyber Innovation Hub, alongside our supporting institutions, valued partners, and steadfast supporters. Their unswerving commitment and relentless efforts have played a pivotal role in accomplishing our goals throughout this inaugural year.

The achievements of 2022/23 have set the stage for an exciting future, with our sights firmly set on the continuation of our journey.

Together, we'll make it a year defined by boundless ambition and relentless innovation, that safeguards our digital assets, creates high-value employment opportunities and fuels economic growth across all regions of Wales.


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