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10 June 2024

Chair Appointed to Lead New Rhyl Town Board

A Town Board set up to deliver a long-term vision for Rhyl has a new Chair.

Adam Roche, who was born and bred in Rhyl and is currently a volunteer Managing Director for CPD Y Rhyl 1879 – Rhyl Football Club – has been appointed to the role.

Denbighshire County Council will be receiving £20 million for Rhyl from the UK Government’s Long-Term Plan for Towns fund. The new Town Board is a UK Government requirement of the funding and will develop a 10-year vision for Rhyl and an initial three-year investment plan which will determine what the town’s investment priorities should be.

The independent Chair is required to be a businessperson or a local community leader and cannot be an elected representative.

Adam has 25 years of leadership experience, most recently through his employment with the Co-op delivering multi-million pound transformational change.

He said:

“I am honoured to have been selected as the Chair of Rhyl’s new Town Board and look forward to getting started and to ensure that this funding is invested in the areas that need it the most. As a lifetime resident of Rhyl, I am delighted to have this opportunity to be a part of this fantastic initiative that will bring some much-needed improvements to the town for the benefit of all residents.”

The council will now work with the new Chair to agree Board membership. The board will be made up of community leaders and business representatives, in addition to the local MP and representatives from the council.

The themes that the Board will need to consider when developing their plans are Safety & Security, High Street, Heritage & Regeneration and Transport & Connectivity.

While the Board will be responsible for the development of the long-term vision for this funding, Denbighshire County Council will be responsible for the funding and delivery of the Town Plan once it has been set out.

Tony Ward, Denbighshire County Council’s Corporate Director for Economy and Environment, said:

“I’m delighted that we have been able to appoint Adam as Chair for the new Rhyl Town Board. In addition to his leadership experience, he will be bringing with him extensive local knowledge that will help to inform some of the key investment priorities for the area. I look forward to working with him in his new role to develop the long-term vision for the town.

“The Long-Term Plan for Towns is a significant investment for Rhyl that is going to make a major difference to the town. The new Rhyl Town Board will play a vital role in ensuring that local people’s views are represented in the final plans to ensure that the funding is utilised where it is needed most.”

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