Why join Manufacturing Wales?


Some honest views and experiences from founder members of this unique network …

Last week, we asked members of Manufacturing Wales to share their thoughts on what 2021 held for the many different types of business that make up a highly diverse sector. As the independent voice of manufacturing in Wales, created by the industry for the industry, we’ve also given a platform for our members to share their experiences of what this pioneering collaborative community has done and is doing for manufacturing businesses across Wales …

“A movement that embraces our ambition and highlights our world-class successes”

“Wales is home to a number of world-leading manufacturing businesses – but all too often, we fail to shout about our success stories” says Chris Meadows, PMO at IQE. ““Manufacturing Wales represents a movement that aims to embrace our ambition and highlight our achievements – and to firmly place Wales on the map as a world leader in advanced, high-value manufacturing capabilities.”

“Connecting the diverse Welsh manufacturing ecosystem, from start-ups to SMEs and larger multinational businesses”

For Andrew Evans, Senior Director from SPTS Technologies Ltd., the key attributes of ‘connecting’ and ‘collaborating’ are important: “Within Wales we have an incredibly diverse ecosystem of businesses. Manufacturing Wales is all about connecting those businesses, from start-ups to SMEs and larger multinational businesses, who in many cases are simply not aware of each other. Through this network, organisations can elevate their knowledge by sharing practical experiences and celebrating successes with other Welsh companies. Ultimately, it’s about making businesses stronger and more competitive – and firmly positioning Wales globally. “

“A great platform and an inspirational opportunity to access best practices and technologies”

  Oliver Conger, MD of Rototherm, agrees that Manufacturing Wales offers the chance “to learn and develop with other great manufacturing businesses, each of which has a desire to grow manufacturing here in Wales. It’s a great platform offering easy access and an inspirational opportunity to tap into best practices and technologies, to share knowledge and leverage from a unique network.” whilst for Tony Trussell, Corporate Development Director at Creo Medical, the opportunity to “be part of a growing and supportive network that’s here to accelerate the development of manufacturing in Wales” was at the core of joining this unique network and community.

“We’re bound by a common purpose to promote synergies and offer mutual support” 

For Gian Bianchi, Sales Director of Penderyn, “Manufacturing Wales constitutes a unique and varied assemblage of leading industrial companies bound by a common purpose to promote synergies and offer mutual support. The goal is to champion the expertise, promote further growth and ultimately raise the profile of Welsh manufacturing thus ultimately leading to an improved global profile for our industries capable of attracting additional inward investment.

“To feel part of a prestigious group that brings economic benefit in a Country that creates so much good”

“To be part of a prestigious group that actively seeks to support each other – and to feel part of a sector that brings economic benefit in a Country where so much good is created – are two of the reasons why we joined Manufacturing Wales” says Alison Orrells, CEO & MD of The Safety Letterbox Company. “This can be extremely powerful and we should be proud of the determination and ingenuity we demonstrate as a sector in Wales. Manufacturing Wales gives voice and a platform to that, raising our profile across the UK and internationally.”

“Sharing knowledge and developing networks with a wide variety of high-quality institutions and like-minded companies”

Richard Selby, Director of Pro-Steel Engineering, enjoys the fact that “joining Manufacturing Wales enables us to share knowledge and develop networks with a wide variety of high-quality institutions and like-minded companies here in Wales, focusing on developing a sustainable future for the sector – and of course continued success for each individual member.”

“Great things happen when companies collaborate. We wanted to be part of that.”

Paul Byard, Managing Director at FSG Tool and Die Ltd, summed up his reason for joining powerfully and in very simple terms: “Manufacturing in Wales is world leading. Joining Manufacturing Wales provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge, strategies and expertise in advanced technologies – strengthening your competitiveness, now and in the future. Great things happen when companies collaborate, from the localisation and reconfiguration of high-value added supply chains, to the development of organisational resilience. We wanted to be part of that.”

Thank you to the members of Manufacturing Wales who have contributed their thoughts and insights over the past few weeks. If you would like to join them as a member of this fast-growing network – or simply find out more about a pioneering manufacturing community – go to