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The Enterprise team at Wrexham University support organisations of all sizes and sectors to collaborate, innovate and grow.

Engaging with Wrexham University can bring genuine benefits to your business; whether through shared knowledge initiatives or graduate-level recruitment. All organisations have different needs, and our dedicated business development team can tailor the right support for you.

24 June 2024

University Expertise Can Offer a Lifeline to the Third Sector


Malliadh Long
Knowledge Transfer Officer
Wrexham University

There’s no doubt that the third sector is facing a tough time. Resources are often limited and demands continually grow.

Non-profit organisations, especially the smaller ones, often face an uphill battle across a range of areas including data management, volunteer recruitment and retention, and digital marketing. There’s also an increasing need for robust cybersecurity measures – a field which remains elusive to many in the sector.

There is though one avenue of support which in my experience is too often overlooked: the higher education sector.

At Wrexham University, we recognise the pivotal role academic expertise and resources can play in empowering non-profits. Our enterprise team, which sees dedicated business development professionals working alongside our academic colleagues, actively collaborates with third sector organisations to tailor support which addresses their very distinct needs.

One of the immediate pressures for non-profits is the growing need for evidence-based outcomes to satisfy funders. This requires substantial investment in data collection and analysis – a daunting prospect for entities already stretched incredibly thin. Here, our university can step in with fully-funded training and workshops designed to build capabilities in managing and utilising data effectively.

Digital marketing – another critical area – often falls by the wayside due to lack of skills and resources. Through our university's programmes, organisations can access specialised workshops in digital marketing and even bring an academic into their team temporarily to set up and streamline online marketing strategies. Such initiatives not only enhance immediate marketing efforts but also build a foundation for sustained digital engagement.

The vulnerability of the third sector to cyber threats is another concern which is far too important be ignored. To address this, we offer workshops focused on cybersecurity, equipping organisations with the necessary tools and knowledge to protect their digital landscapes.

Beyond these, we understand the importance of strategic planning, especially in volunteer management and grant applications. Our offerings include short courses and workshops led by experts who can provide insights into effective strategic planning and execution, ensuring that third sector organisations prioritise and invest their efforts wisely.

A particularly successful example of our engagement is with Nico Zamblera, a graduate currently working with Llangollen Railway. Funded by the university, Nico has not only enhanced the organisation's sustainability practices but has also brought a fresh perspective to their digital marketing strategies.

For third sector organisations in Flintshire, Denbighshire, and Wrexham looking to harness such opportunities, we invite you to our upcoming networking event.

Scheduled for Wednesday, 3rd July, from 9:30 to 11am, this session will offer a platform to connect with peers and experts, fostering collaborations that cross county and sector boundaries. And yes, breakfast is included.

If you represent a non-profit or social enterprise eager to develop new skills and fortify your organisation, we urge you to join us. At Wrexham University, we are committed to bridging the gap between academia and the third sector, ensuring that together we can overcome the challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth and impact.

For more information contact enterprise@wrexham.ac.uk

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