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Tips on How to Run a Successful Business in Wales


Written By:

Reuben Singh

Founder and CEO



Since the start of the pandemic, we've seen people turn their side hustles into their full-time job – many people have found that spark that’s encouraged them to kickstart and create their business. This spark and inspiration, alongside the free time that the lockdown created, paved the way for many budding business owners to take the plunge and start their own business venture. However, to be a successful entrepreneur or SME, you need to understand your market, clients and staff to grow and expand.

I understand what it takes to build a business from scratch. I've done that by understanding my clients’ needs and learning about the best ways to  grow alldayPA, to become the UK's leading call answering company. To do this, I've had to step out of my comfort zone and think more creatively to build my business which, as a result, has helped me win over 24,000 loyal customers.

Along with implementing new strategies to grow my business, I've also understood the importance of workplace culture and taking care of your staff – your team is an essential part of your business success. By looking after your team, you’ll create a positive workforce, increased productivity and job satisfaction. This is key to running a successful business – if your staff are well taken care of, they’re more likely to perform better in their roles which, of course, provides many benefits to the business.

Here are my top tips to help SMEs, entrepreneurs or business owners in the UK:

Get out of your comfort zone – “Your dream is what keeps you awake at night and doesn't let you sleep. If you don't get that funny feeling in your stomach, don't do it.”

Value yourself – “You need to value yourself before you can expect anybody to respect you. To create value, you must have a strong purpose.”

Try not to borrow money – “Find somebody who believes and wants to invest in you because, in that way, investors will share the pain to grow your businesses and will add value.”

Don't have a plan B –“If you have a plan B, that means you don't believe in plan A enough. If you don't believe in your plan A enough, don't do it.”

Reward your staff – “Find people who get excited by your vision. More experience can be a hindrance sometimes. Look at somebody's attitude, not just a degree or experience.”

Think big and global –“The world these days is one single market. If you can sell something to somebody on the street, you can sell it to somebody who is miles away.”

Things CEOs, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners should take note of:

  • Look at the value, not at the price.
  • Work out what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Find somebody that can fill the weakness gaps for you.
  • Don't waste too much money  on big marketing campaigns. Word of mouth marketing is much more valuable and free.
  • Don't compromise on what you want to do, and never give up on bringing your business vision to life.