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Startup Stories: How Limb-Art Was Born of Personal Need


Founder Mark Williams explains how a desire to solve his own problem led him to start his own business

The former Paralympic swimmer and medallist, and his wife, Rachael, started Limb-art, which makes ‘cool' prosthetic covers, in 2018. The business was born out of Mark's personal experience, and a desire to help other prosthetic users improve their confidence.

Based in Bylchau, Conwy, the heart of north Wales, the multi-award-winning firm last year won a contract to supply the whole of NHS Wales with its products. Every adult amputee in Wales will now have access to a free Limb-art cover.

In this audio interview, Mark tells Business News Wales about the company’s beginnings and what he’d like people to take away from Limb-art.

He said:

“This business came out of me solving my own problem. If you start a business that really makes a difference and people say that the business has changed their lives, that’s priceless.”

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