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22 August 2023

Our Region In Action

Our Region has continued to break new ground throughout summer, with Butterfly Data winning a global tech hackathon, Agored Cymru launching a new Net-Zero Level 3 Diploma, Disability Wales releasing their report on the impact of the cost-of-living crisis for disabled people; and Wales STEM Awards announcing its much anticipated shortlist ….


Butterfly Data wins global hackathon with renewable energy tool 

Butterfly Data, a CCR-based data management consultancy, has won a global hackathon – thanks to a tool that gives an accurate picture of potential energy generation from renewables.
The green-energy suitability assessment tool considers location, weather conditions and the direction a property faces – effectively inventing a new type of visualisation for prevailing wind direction, enabling local councils to incorporate wind generators into new buildings or existing facilities such as schools and car parks.

Founded in 2003, Butterfly Data beat off stiff competition from more than 100 other companies to win their prize at the global SAS Hackathon – an annual event that in total attracts 1,400 entries from 75 countries, challenging teams working across various industries to apply technology to solve real-world business and humanitarian problems.


New Net-Zero Qualification Created by Agored Cymru

Agored Cymru, an awarding body and registered charity committed to developing talent in Wales, is now offering a Level 3 Diploma in Energy and Carbon Management – a valuable new diploma that’s comparable to an A-level in terms of its recognition and certification.

The course, designed in partnership with South East Wales-based organisations ACT and Educ8 Training, aims to impart the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage the systems and processes relating to energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The course’s content is universally relevant, stretching from local to global, from the public to the private sector, structured specifically to teach best practice for ensuring a minimised carbon footprint – featuring modules that include Analysis of Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions, Health and Safety in an Energy Management Environment, Waste Management, Energy Procurement, and Community Engagement.

This qualification is not only ‘future-proofed’ in itself – it also works to provide a future-proofed Wales by harnessing knowledge, skills, and cutting-edge technology to ensure Wales’s industry and economy is innovated and emboldened (rather than held back) by climate regulations.


Disability Wales reveals cost-of-living crisis impact on disabled people in Wales

Disability Wales’ July report – titled ‘Barely Surviving: The Impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis on Disabled People in Wales’ –  details how the UK-wide cost-of-living emergency has uniquely impacted disabled people throughout Wales.

The report reveals a number of sobering facts, finding that the average disabled household is now an extra £975 a month out of pocket due to additional costs – with over a third of disabled adults’ impairments or conditions impacting their household energy consumption levels.

The study also uncovered that despite government financial assistance, 57% of disabled people eligible for the cost-of-living payment believed it would not be enough to cover the increased cost of essentials.

In response to the findings, Disability Wales has put forward proposals to the government as well as to energy and water companies – suggesting specific, data-backed resolutions to address the imbalanced impact of the cost-of-living crisis on disabled people.


Wales STEM Awards shortlist announced

July saw the announcement of the Wales STEM Awards shortlist, shining the spotlight on the stars who are helping connect Wales and the world.

The prestigious shortlist features numerous luminaries from across our Region – including Admiral Insurance, Afon Technologies, Blaenau Gwent STEM Facilitation Project, CNCT Wales, Companies House, Genesis Biosciences, Sony Technology Centre, Techniquest, Thales and University of South Wales.

This year’s categories reflect the many different dimensions of science, technology, engineering and maths disciplines – with individual awards for Innovation in STEM, STEM Sustainability, STEM Educational Programme of the Year (for both the Public and Private as well Not-For-Profit sectors), STEM company of the Year, STEM Ambassador of the Year and STEM Woman of the Year.

The winners will be announced at a gala awards ceremony being held on 13th October at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff.

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