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7 December 2023

Local Swansea Businesses Toast to One Year of Spirited Collaboration

Two of Swansea's most innovative brands are celebrating one year of their culinary partnership.

Wilfred's, the premium brand of beloved local bakery Lewis Pies and Môr Ladron Rum, the Gower-based producer, joined forces last Christmas to create a unique concoction – a mince pie infused with Môr Ladron Honey Spiced Rum.

The pie was not only a hit among the locals but was one of the best-selling products in the bakery's 2022 Christmas range, so much so, that they've decided to do it all over again this year, as Wilfred Lewis explained.

“As a Swansea-based bakery, we're always looking to explore new flavours by introducing locally sourced ingredients into our recipes, and the use of Gower honey in the Môr Ladron rum compliments our frangipane crust perfectly.”

With both brands having strong roots in the Gower Peninsula, and both businesses-men being avid surfers along the local coastline, the link-up is a way to introduce their UK-wide customer base to the fantastic flavours and tastes that can be found on Gower.

“Both businesses are independent and family-run,” said Dafydd Morris, owner of Môr Ladron and also director of Cheers Wine Merchants, “however, this partnership is more than just combining ingredients; it's about blending traditions, expertise, and a shared love for Gower's rich heritage.”

With the Christmas rush well underway for both companies, they are already casting one eye on next year's festive season and are in the process of developing another spirited treat involving a rum-infused chocolate brownie.


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