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31 January 2024

Holyhead Hydrogen Hub: Pioneering Green Energy in North Wales

In this audio series special for Ambition North Wales, we hear from representatives of the five new projects who are developing business cases aimed at securing places within the Growth Deal portfolio for the North Wales Ambition Board.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Gerallt Llewelyn Jones, Director of the Holyhead Hydrogen Hub, unveils plans to establish a cutting-edge hydrogen production facility in Anglesey. Gerallt emphasises the significance of local involvement in hydrogen production, stressing its role in fostering economic growth within North Wales.

The ambitious project, budgeted between £22 and £28 million, has secured collaboration with energy giant EDF’s hydrogen subsidiary, Hynamics. Their partnership signals a crucial milestone, with Hynamics contributing half the funds needed to realise the electrolyser capable of producing 2000kg of hydrogen daily.

Gerallt underscores the importance of public funding, emphasising the project's role in job creation and local economic development. In March 2021, the UK Govermment announced that they had allocated £4.8 million to support the development of the Holyhead Hydrogen Hub. This, along with the hope of securing £3.8m of Growth Deal funding, the Holyhead Hydrogen Hub stands as a testament to the ability of a local enterprise to drive global advancements in green technology, positioning North Wales at the forefront of the evolving energy landscape.

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