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Fintech Awards Wales Exclusive Interview: Jon Bartlett, Head of UK Operations, Capital On Tap


In the wake of the 2023 Fintech Awards Wales, Matt Hyde, Director of Recruit121 and the Fintech Awards Wales, engages in exclusive interviews with the sponsors and prominent figures at the forefront of the FinTech sector in Wales.

The Fintech Awards Wales serve as a platform to acknowledge and honour the remarkable accomplishments of individuals, companies, and academic institutions within the Welsh FinTech landscape.

In this special series, Matt introduces you to the key figures driving innovation and progress in this dynamic industry.

This week Matt speaks to Jon Bartlett, Head of UK Operations, Capital On Tap.


Fintech is a rapidly evolving industry, and Wales has shown remarkable progress in this domain. From your perspective, what unique opportunities or challenges does the Welsh fintech ecosystem present, and how does your organization contribute to its development?

Wales is quickly emerging as a global fintech hub, yet many remain unaware of the capabilities and talent within the Welsh fintech ecosystem. As a Cardiff-based customer service team, we are committed to increasing visibility and showcasing the innovation happening here. Events like the Fintech Awards Wales are invaluable opportunities to highlight Wales and as proud sponsors we aim to elevate the amazing work being done in Welsh fintech.

Talent development is also key. Our people are our greatest asset. By investing in training, promoting from within, and nurturing skills, we not only grow our own team, but help progress fintech in Wales as a whole. Our staff's success means success for the wider industry.

What motivated your organization to become a sponsor of the Fintech Awards Wales, and what do you see as the significance of supporting events like these within the fintech industry?

We're proud to sponsor the Fintech Awards Wales because we're committed to the growth of this sector. Supporting prestigious events like this enables us to connect with innovators, collaborate, and celebrate the accomplishments of our peers. It's crucial we recognise Welsh fintech success stories. Our sponsorship reflects our dedication to propelling the industry forward.

As a sponsor, what specific role does your organization play in promoting innovation and growth within the fintech sector in Wales? Can you share any initiatives or programs that align with your sponsorship?

As a sponsor, we’re actively promoting innovation and growth in Wales' fintech sector in several key ways:

Team expansion: We're growing our team in Cardiff, making it our global service centre. This expansion provides more job opportunities and supports the fintech ecosystem in Wales.

Technical roles: We're introducing technical roles for our service agents. This empowers them to play a more technical role, such as regression testing, bridging the gap between operations and technology.

Agent input: Our service agents actively contribute to product development. They help shape our products by sharing insights into customer needs, especially as we integrate more technology into our services.

The UK has established itself as a global hub for fintech innovation, with London being a prominent fintech centre. How do you see the Fintech Awards Wales contributing to the overall growth and visibility of the UK's fintech ecosystem, and do you believe that regional fintech events, such as the Fintech Awards Wales, play a role in nurturing collaboration and fostering connections within the industry across the country?

The Fintech Awards Wales contribute significantly to boosting the overall growth and visibility of the UK's fintech ecosystem by highlighting and celebrating fintech excellence in regions beyond London. This recognition showcases the diversity and talent within the UK's fintech industry, drawing attention to the broader national landscape. Additionally, these awards foster collaboration and connections, nurturing a stronger and more interconnected fintech community across the country.

Looking ahead, how do you envision the future of fintech in Wales, and how will your organization continue to support and collaborate with the local fintech community beyond the awards ceremony?

We see a bright future for Welsh fintech, with Cardiff emerging as a leading fintech centre. With our office in Cardiff and our commitment to the local community, we see tremendous potential for growth and innovation in the region. We plan to continue supporting and collaborating with the local fintech community in various ways beyond the awards ceremony. One key way is our commitment to promoting job opportunities in fintech within Wales. We’re continuing to expand our workforce in Cardiff, creating jobs and fostering talent development in the region.

We've explored some interesting developments and insights in the fintech space today. On a lighter note, with all the innovative trends in fintech, if you had a magic wand and could bring one futuristic fintech concept to life right now, what would it be and why?

It would be an AI assistant that gives instant financial advice. This AI would help cardholders make smarter financial decisions by analysing their spending and offering helpful tips. Why? To make managing finances easier and more effective for our customers, aligning with our goal of being a trusted partner in their business success.

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