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14 May 2024

Tech Firm Takes Car Subscription Model to Chile

Vehicle subscription platform Wagonex has announced a transatlantic partnership.

The Cardiff-based firm is a leader in the UK’s fast-growing vehicle subscription market, specialising in building, launching, and growing subscription platforms for vehicle manufacturers and retailers.

Now it has launched a platform with OneSummit, one of Chile’s largest car dealership groups.

The strategic partnership aims to help OneSummit expand its fleet solutions across the South American market with its own branded subscription platform. The platform is one of the first car subscription propositions in Chile.

The Wagonex in-house development team is undertaking significant development work to ensure the platform can easily be adapted to international markets at scale.

The partnership with OneSummit involved ensuring the accurate implementation of Chilean Spanish as well as adding the Chilean peso currency to the subscription platform.

Toby Kernon, CEO and founder of Wagonex, said:

“We have ambitious international growth plans and it’s been a pleasure working with the OneSummit team in Chile. We look forward to exploring a wealth of opportunities across the South American market as well as several other countries on a global level.

“When working with automotive companies outside of the UK we have to gain insights into different consumer markets and their needs, such as vehicle categories and alternative configurations of the customer journey. These insights help us to innovate and ensure the platform is as adaptable as possible to suit all of our partners’ requirements, no matter where they are in the world.

“This new partnership reflects the increasing demand for car subscription services in emerging markets worldwide.

“Expansion into new territories and empowering partners globally has been our mission from the start. We see it as an opportunity to drive future growth by helping them achieve success with the subscription model.”

The global vehicle subscription market size is valued at $4760.15 million and is predicted to reach $21649.48 million by 2031.

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