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4 January 2023

Delivering Primary Healthcare Services to the Heart of the Community


Mark Jones, Associate Director at Roberts Limbrick, spoke with Business News Wales about how the multi-disciplined practice has recently completed on two major projects within the Welsh Healthcare sector.

The Maelfa Wellbeing Centre, a project developed in collaboration with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and alongside Willmott Dixon Construction, has delivered primary care services to the heart of the community. Providing Consulting rooms, treatment rooms, podiatry clinics, district nurse facilities, group rooms, seminar space, office space and administration, the centre is connected to the surrounding residential areas and allows the community to approach and use the centre on foot via footpaths and open green spaces which encourage sustainable transport. The new landscape design at the centre is integrated with Sustainable Drainage features such as bioretention planters, attenuation basins and porous paved areas.

As well as the Wellbeing Centre, Mark talks us through the Major Trauma Theatres at University Hospital Wales, where the development will ensure the long-term sustainability of trauma and vascular services at Heath Hospital. At Roberts Limbrick, the dedicated team of healthcare architects have a long history of delivering complex, clinical spaces that include CTs, MRI, gamma camera, X-Ray, catheter labs, ultrasound, interventional radiology, and theatres.

To find out more about Roberts Limbrick and their portfolio, visit their website Home | Roberts Limbrick


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