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1 December 2021

Delivering Digital Futures for 20 Years and More

Every ecosystem is driven by pioneering service providers capable of delivering the expertise needed to continually develop – and frequently transform – customer organisations in an ever-changing world.

Box UK is one such catalyst: an enterprise software development company that’s been meeting the digital requirements of CCR (and the wider world) for 23 years – and as our Digital Series begins to draw to a close, we explore how Box UK Managing Director Benno Wassersein is leading a multidisciplinary team in evolving its own services to power countless customer digital evolutions …

The incremental growth and sustained success of this enterprise software development company is truly inspirational, with Box UK’s client base now including blue chip organisations on many continents – from global retailers to manufacturing giants, public sector bodies to leading healthcare providers.

“Trusted worldwide to execute digital strategies, develop software platforms and deliver multi-channel experiences”

Each Box UK customer trusts this extraordinary team to execute their digital strategies, develop their enterprise-level custom software platforms and deliver their award-winning multi-channel experiences – through services that extend across Digital Transformation, Ecommerce Development, User Experience Services, Bespoke Software Consultancy and Development, and Platform Management. It’s a tremendous success story, and testimony to the Box UK client-partnership ethos that helps businesses reimagine the possible through a pragmatic approach centred on delivering the right digital solutions at the right time – enabling organisations to adapt and grow at pace.

The growth of Box UK itself has been both a reflection of the maturing CCR digital sector and a key driver of it – with this Cardiff-based operation now ranked 14th in The Drum’s list of Top 50 Client Rated Digital Agencies in Britain, in recognition of exceptional client satisfaction scores across a range of criteria including value for money, quality of work, teamwork and collaboration.

“Multi-award-winning industry recognition, including gold award for the world-first GPWales platform”

The knowledge and wisdom accrued over two decades is driving innovation and shaping transformation like never before, to much industry acclaim. Last week saw Box UK win “SME of the Year” at the Cardiff Business Awards and over the past 18 months the team has attained ‘Highly Commended’ status in the ‘Development Team of the Year’ category at the prestigious Digital Technology Leaders Awards, been named winner in the ‘Technology & Innovation’ category of the Cardiff Life Awards, honoured in four categories by the international Communicator Awards for its work with Cymru Wales, OKdo, Sodexo and RS Components – and celebrated by Clutch as one of the best service providers in the UK’s development scene (as well as one of the UK’s top Drupal development companies) in recognition of its portfolio of work, online presence, brand reputation and customer reviews.

The GPWales platform created by Box UK has secured perhaps the most poignant piece of silverware.

It was named a Gold Winner in the “Best Use of Digital” category at the International Digital Experience Awards and also received a Silver Award for “Best Digital Response to the Crisis – SME”, in recognition of the significant positive difference made to Wales’ COVID-19 pandemic response. This critical online jobs and shifts database for the healthcare sector is in effect a template for the digitalisation of our healthcare service. It’s been shortlisted in the ‘Healthcare Tech of the Year’ category at the iNational Technology Awards – celebrating the cutting edge ingenuity shown by Box UK, but more importantly playing a ‘world-first’ role in protecting healthcare delivery across our region throughout the most serious health crisis in living memory.

“Over two decades at the digital coalface, informing the debate and delivering against customer needs”

Each of those awards showcases the Box UK penchant for bringing digital ideas to life, demonstrating state-of-the-art development practices and processes, a creative approach to overcoming technical challenges – and a commitment to going above and beyond for their clients. With an enterprise pedigree and a passion for technology that brings an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in creating scalable and resilient solutions, what’s next for a team that’s built an enviable track record of success spanning hundreds of high-priority and mission-critical projects?

“We’re informing the digital debate as well as delivering against customer needs – and that won’t change” says Box UK’s Managing Director Benno Wasserstein. “We’ve been part of the fast digital evolution of CCR for over twenty years, but wherever the fourth industrial age takes us, certain principles will always remain. Quality sits at the heart of everything we do – from our best-practice agile and lean working, to top-tier coding standards, user-centric design and build, the highest levels of customer support, and in-built continuous improvement that drives ongoing innovation and optimisation at technical, operational and strategic levels. Our team lives and breathes that philosophy; and that’s why we’re able to sustain our delivery of high-quality, high-performance solutions.”

It’s rare to find a company that’s been delivering at the digital coalface for more than two decades – a team of brilliant thinkers, trusted consultants and expert developers, able to mastermind world-class solutions to the toughest web and software projects. To have such exceptional capabilities in our region augurs well for a CCR Digital sector which, as we have already seen, leads in many fields and drives game-changing innovation throughout the Southeast Wales economy.


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