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The Enterprise team at Wrexham University support organisations of all sizes and sectors to collaborate, innovate and grow.

Engaging with Wrexham University can bring genuine benefits to your business; whether through shared knowledge initiatives or graduate-level recruitment. All organisations have different needs, and our dedicated business development team can tailor the right support for you.

13 June 2024

Building Learning Into Your Business Strategy

Mallaidh Headshot


Mallaidh Long

Knowledge Transfer Officer

Wrexham University

Running a business is undeniably demanding, with little room for pause.

Keeping up with daily operations can often overshadow strategic development. But it is crucial not to overlook the huge potential of upskilling you as a business leader, and your teams.

At Wrexham University we recognise the transformative impact that continuous learning and development can have on both individuals and organisations. That’s why we are offering fully-funded training opportunities tailored specifically for businesses in Wrexham, Denbighshire, and Flintshire, thanks to Shared Prosperity Funding.

Through our enterprise team at the university we facilitate access to skills vouchers worth up to £1,500 for businesses, enabling them to send multiple team members to our workshops and short courses at no extra cost. For example, if a short course costs £150 then by using a skills voucher a business can provide ten employees with the training they need to thrive and contribute more effectively to their roles.

There are so many advantages to investing in your team's skills. Employees who feel they are progressing and learning are generally happier and more productive. They are more likely to innovate and bring new ideas to the table, which can significantly contribute to the growth of your business. And these upskilled employees are better positioned for promotion, helping to create a more dynamic and adaptable workforce.

At Wrexham University our training sessions are designed to address specific skills gaps identified through our discussions with local businesses. From one-day taster workshops to more extensive courses spanning several weeks, our programmes are intended to close these gaps effectively. Our offerings are diverse, covering sectors such as engineering, health and social care, and include workshops on customer service among others.

We also facilitate knowledge sharing between our academic research and business expertise, which enriches the learning experience and ensures that our training is aligned with the latest industry trends and needs. This collaborative environment not only enhances the training but also fosters a community of continuous learning and improvement.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the potential of our new Enterprise and Optics Centre (EEOC), which is set to become a hub for engaging with innovative business models and projects. This facility will expand our capabilities to collaborate more extensively with industries and enhance our training offerings.

We are keen to hear from businesses about the types of training they need. Our upcoming change management workshop, for example, was developed in response to direct requests from local businesses. This workshop will provide leaders and managers with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate and implement change effectively, ensuring their businesses remain competitive and adaptable.

The pace of change in today's business environment requires a commitment to ongoing learning. At Wrexham University we are dedicated to supporting local businesses in this endeavour, helping them to not only adapt but thrive through the benefits of upskilling.

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