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Ambition North Wales work as a partnership to deliver on our ambition - identifying and delivering opportunities to develop our economy.

25 September 2023

Unlocking Opportunities: Ambitious North Wales Growth Partnership Seeks Dynamic Talent

Ambition North Wales, a prominent economic growth partnership comprising six North Wales local authorities, two universities, and two colleges, is poised for an exciting phase of expansion. This initiative aims to inject £1 billion into the economy by 2036, creating over 4,000 new jobs and fostering a vibrant, sustainable, and thriving economy.

To accomplish these goals, Ambition North Wales is launching a recruitment campaign for five key roles initially, with an additional five positions anticipated later this year. We spoke with Hedd Vaughan-Evans, Head of Operations who delved a little deeper into the roles on offer.

Low Carbon Energy Team: The Energy Delivery Manager and Energy Delivery Officer will oversee the Smart Local Energy project, advancing energy efficiency projects within local communities and businesses. Experience in the energy or decarbonisation sector is preferred, while core organisational skills are essential.

Project Manager: Agrifood and Tourism: This role will support projects focused on enhancing the tourism sector, nurturing food, and drink businesses, and fostering adventure experiences. Strong communication and engagement skills are vital.

Strategic Communications and Engagement Lead: This bilingual role demands a senior strategic communications professional with a proven track record in PR and comms at a regional or local level.

Procurement and Operations Officer: This back-office role plays a crucial part in maximising the impact of the growth deal. It requires experience in procurement and a solid understanding of public sector procurement processes.

While specific qualifications and experience are sought for some positions, Ambition North Wales places a premium on finding individuals who align with its values: ambition, collaboration, integrity, and a commitment to making a difference in North Wales.

Working with this partnership offers not only a chance to contribute to regional growth but also an environment characterised by a one-team mentality, where hard work, expertise, and a sense of camaraderie thrive. The varied portfolio of projects ensures that no day is the same, adding to the appeal of working with Ambition North Wales.

If you are passionate about contributing to North Wales' economic prosperity and want to be part of this dynamic team, visit the Ambition North Wales website for current and future job opportunities. Your journey to shaping North Wales' future begins here.

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