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14 June 2023

The Lab by Transport for Wales Rail Launches Cohort 5 Acceleration Programme

The Lab by Transport for Wales Rail Company is pleased applications for its highly anticipated Acceleration Programme are now underway.

This programme exciting opportunity for business innovators to develop ideas which look to enhance the railway experience for customers, foster innovation and drive transformative change within the rail industry.

After the completion of 4 successful previous cohorts, recruitment has started for a fifth instalment in search of ambitious and creative tech talent start-ups from across Wales and the UK. The programme to date has worked with over 30 start-ups who have gone on to secure over £1.6 Million worth of funding over the last five years.

The Transport for Wales has partnered with Alt Labs to lead the Acceleration Programme which is designed to identify and nurture the most promising talents and start-ups in the rail sector. By providing a supportive ecosystem, including mentorship, industry access, and funding opportunities, the programme aims to catalyse the development of ground-breaking solutions that will shape the future of rail transportation.

Applications for the Acceleration Programme are now open and will close on June 16th. Start-ups and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and solutions for the rail industry are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will be granted the opportunity to secure funding, receive dedicated mentoring from business experts to develop their products and innovations over the course of the 12 week programme, gearing up towards a final ‘demo day’ where they will pitch their ideas to leading Transport for Wales decision makers as well as wider stakeholders.

Rail Public Ownership
Transport for Wales Rail has a strong commitment to fostering collaboration and driving innovation. By launching this Acceleration Programme, the company aims to attract and support the brightest minds in the industry, while enhancing the overall passenger experience and advancing the future of rail operations.

In looking ahead cohort 5, Insight and Innovation Manager at Transport for Wales Rail Michael Davies said: 

“It’s been a real privilege to witness the remarkable achievements of our previous start-ups in our programme. Their passion and determination have truly reshaped the landscape of rail innovation and the future of the industry.

Now, as we eagerly await the cohort 5, I’d like to invite aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups to join in this unmissable opportunity. Let's continue our journey towards transforming the rail industry. Your fresh perspectives and innovative ideas will contribute to the success we've already witnessed.”

Briteyellow, a previous participant in the Lab by TfW programme, developed a solution aimed at enhancing communication regarding station facilities and staff availability. Their innovative approach not only facilitates easy access to staff for customers but also reduces passenger stress and promotes self-service options. The successful implementation of Briteyellow's solution has resulted in the creation of six initial maps for key stations including Cardiff Central, Cardiff Queen Street, Newport, Chester, Shrewsbury, and Pontypridd.

After participating in the Lab by TfW programme, Briteyellow has successfully secured funding from Catapult Connected. Their accomplishment includes winning the Department for Transport's inaugural Accessibility Transport Research and Innovation Grants Programme, which granted them funding of up to £120k.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of our dynamic community, where collaboration and growth thrive. Apply now and be a driving force in shaping the future of rail.

Interested applicants are invited to visit the Lab by Transport For Wales website at for detailed information about the programme and to submit their applications before the June 16th deadline.

Transport for Wales Rail Company looks forward to receiving innovative and visionary solutions that will contribute to the growth and advancement in the future of the rail industry.


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