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17 March 2022

Reducing Waste in Welsh Food & Drink Businesses – Gavin Taylor Joins ZERO2FIVE

Gavin Taylor has joined ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre in a new role to help food and drink businesses to become more productive and sustainable by minimising their process waste.

Based at Cardiff Metropolitan University, ZERO2FIVE offers eligible companies help with waste reduction, process efficiency, new product development and compliance with food standards through the Welsh Government and EU-backed Project HELIX.Gavin has nearly 30 year’s experience in the industry, working across production operations for large food businesses in Wales including the English Provender Company, Billingtons Foodservice and BAR Food Ltd.

In his new role, Gavin will lead process waste management services for ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre; this will include full process audits, waste minimisation interventions and identification and feasibility of by-product ingredients.

Commenting on his appointment, Gavin said,

“It is an exciting time to join the team as we look to increase the services we offer to businesses. Our services can include a full process audit, looking for key areas where we can add value. Alternatively, if the business has a specific issue that they have identified, we will look at process interventions to address this.

“Understanding and identifying waste in production processes enables businesses to save costs, resources and labour. It is more sustainable, saving on raw materials and transport and keeping waste from landfill. Additionally, we are able to help connect businesses together, through our network, to create added value from ‘waste’, finding new markets or uses for by-products.

“Improving processes and reducing waste is an efficient way to improve the bottom line – and is relevant to a business of any size” he said.

ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre can help food and drink businesses with any aspect of technical support, operations, market analysis, new product development, product evaluation and sensory analysis.


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