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24 May 2024

Lamb Sales Boosted As Shoppers Seek a Traditional Easter

Shoppers switched to lamb from chicken and other proteins in a standout early spring performance.

Roasting joints spearheaded a bumper year-on-year growth, with a remarkable 24% volume increase, constituting 73% of total lamb volume sold, Easter shopping data from consumer experts Kantar reveals. Wales outshone other parts of Britain with a surge in volumes of almost 9%.

“It seems that after months of belt-tightening our customers decided to push the boat out at Easter and chose the traditional favourite – a succulent lamb roasting joint,” said Glesni Phillips, Hybu Cig Cymru- Meat Promotion Wales’ (HCC) Intelligence, Analysis & Business Insight Executive.  

Lamb roasting joints showed remarkable volume growth when compared with 2023’s holiday, despite their comparatively higher cost among other red meat cuts. Kantar’s overview suggests lamb won over shoppers from other proteins, such as chicken, this Easter, with the rise in roasting joint purchases attracting a significant additional 296,000 shoppers.

“The data indicates consumers treated themselves to fresh roasting joints and eschewed cheaper frozen red meat products this Easter, despite many continuing to experience financial pressures,” said Glesni. “Frozen volumes sold decreased by 4% compared to the previous year, whereas sales of fresh red meat increased by almost 2%.

“Shoppers appear to have found value through promotional offers. During Easter, the majority of retailers typically ramp up promotions across all product categories. Notably, all red meat proteins experienced growth in promotions compared to last Easter; however, lamb stood out as the only protein to achieve volume growth both on and off promotion,” said Glesni.

One exception to the retail lamb sales surge was the independent butcher sector, witnessing a nearly 20% decline in volume compared to the previous year.

“This was possibly due to their typically higher price point on average, coupled with a reduced ability to leverage promotions compared to larger retailers during the Easter season,” said Glesni.

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