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20 June 2024

The Changing Face of Food Safety Compliance


Faye Mumford
A2Z Food Safety

When Faye Mumford first started as an environmental health practitioner, food safety inspections looked very different to today.

Twenty years ago, says Faye, an inspector visiting a food manufacturer, hospitality business, care home or school would be very much focused on the structure of the set-up.

Today, the approach has dramatically shifted towards a risk-based model that places greater responsibility on business owners. This modern framework requires them to actively identify potential hazards, demonstrate the implementation of effective control measures, and maintain thorough documentation to prove compliance.

The current system relies heavily on detailed records and consistent practices, demanding a higher level of vigilance and compliance from businesses. The emphasis is on continuous improvement and regular updates to safety protocols, ensuring that practices keep pace with changes in legislation and technology.

Faye co-founded A2Z Food Safety 10 years ago with Amanda Elliott, supporting a range of businesses to ensure they comply with food safety legislation.

She told Business News Wales about their latest innovation, the TempCheck app, and how it’s been designed to help ease the burden of paper-based record-keeping.

The TempCheck app can be downloaded on Apple, Android, and Amazon devices and tutorial videos available on the website

A2Z Food Safety is offering a free month’s trial of the app.

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