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FSG – the ‘Other’ Emergency Service


The coronavirus pandemic has imposed huge changes on the way we work and go about our day-to-day lives. Millions of people have been working from home and thousands of businesses in sectors such as retail, tourism and hospitality have had to close their doors for long periods.

But not every business has been affected this way. Many offices and industrial premises have remained open; and even where buildings have had to be shut, essential maintenance still needs to be carried out.

While a company may be in lockdown, its buildings can still be vulnerable to flooding after a heavy snowfall or stormy weather, for example – as we have seen this past winter. Businesses need someone they can call on for help in an emergency.

Facility Services Group (FSG) provides this sort of 24/7 response, 365 days a year. Based in Swansea and with offices in Cardiff, it operates throughout the M4 corridor from Haverfordwest to south-west England.

In addition to providing an emergency response in cases of flooding, for example, it also supplies a full range of routine ground and building maintenance services – everything from electrical and mechanical through to pest control, ground maintenance, heating and air conditioning, carpeting, lighting, plumbing and more. Its aim is to be a one-stop shop for all its customers’ facility management needs.

Testimonials from satisfied customers indicate FSG’s success in meeting this goal. Dale McCarthy, Facilities Manager at Cardiff’s Eastern Business Park, had never worked with FSG before taking up his current role more than two years ago.

Dale said:

“What I’ve found in the past two years is that they’re very responsive, they’re a great team, the engineers are great.”

“We’ve had leaks, power outages, floods, all different kinds of things going wrong, and FSG are always here in time and getting on top of the work as needed.”

Rhiannon Thomas is H& S Facility Coordinator at Careers Wales, based in Cardiff. She said:

“Careers Wales have worked with FSG for more than two years. During that time they have provided a very professional, reliable and efficient service.

“The services they provide are proactive and reactive, and they always respond very promptly.”

It’s not just emergencies and routine maintenance that FSG can help with, they can also provide solutions to nagging, hard-to-solve problems.

EasyBooks is an accountancy service based in Llanelli that has been using FSG for more than two years.

Managing director Nicola Lewis said:

“We had a number of issues with our roof, and despite a number of people having a look at it no-one could solve it. Then we called in FSG, and they identified the problem and fixed it.

“If we need assistance with our building, we will ring FSG.”

From emergencies to chronic problems, FSG can solve them. It’s little wonder that to its customers, FSG is the ‘other emergency service.’