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Business News Wales: Wales Business Review

Podcast series ‘Wales Business Review’ from Business News Wales

In this series, host Carwyn Jones interviews variety of prominent figures from across Wales around the challenges and opportunities facing Wales and the wider region.



Episode 26

Ian Price, Kellie Beirne, and Robert Lloyd Griffiths 

Wales Business Review Episode 26

Episode 25

Ben Cottam, Kellie Beirne, Alwen Williams and Katy Chamberlain

Wales Business Review 25

Episode 24

Ian Price, Ben Cottam, Kellie Beirne and Alwen Williams

Wales Business Review

Episode 23

Ian Price, Ben Cottam, Kellie Beirne and Alwen Williams

wales business review 23

Episode 22

James Price and Oliver Conger

Episode 21

Richard Selby and Barbara Chidgey

Episode 20

Ben Cottam and Robert Lloyd Griffiths

Episode 19

Paul Evans and Leigh Hughes

Episode 18

Steve Hughson, Fiona Stewart and Peter Florence

Episode 17

Akbar Al Baker

Episode 16

Jonathan Burnes and Rhian Elston

Episode 15

Paul Slavin and Ian Walters

Episode 14

Jane Davidson and Cllr Rob Stewart

Episode 13

Ben Cottam and Dawn Lyle

Episode 12

Wil Williams and Nigel Hollet

Episode 11

Heather Myers and Mark Hindmarsh

Episode 10

Ashley Rogers and Kevin Gardiner

Episode 9

Kellie Beirne and Wayne Harvey

Episode 8

Frank Holmes and Robert Lloyd Griffiths OBE

Episode 7

Alwen Williams and Wayne Preece

Episode 6

Frank Holmes and Oliver Conger

Episode 5

Katy Chamberlain and Nick Pearce

Episode 4

Robert Lloyd Griffiths OBE and Ben Cottam

Episode 3

Ken Skates and Ian Price

Episode 2

Robert Lloyd Griffiths OBE and Heather Myers

Episode 1

Robert Lloyd Griffiths OBE and Ben Cottam