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2,000 Welsh Students Take Part in PwC’s Online Skills Programme


PwC has been supporting thousands of Welsh students with online learning as part of its commitments to upskilling and social mobility.

The professional services firm, which employs more than 260 people in Cardiff, has been running virtual sessions for some of its social mobility target schools in the area called New world. New skills – Schools Series over the last two terms.

Just under 2,000 students from nine Welsh secondary schools signed up for the classes over the autumn and spring, which feature a 20-30 minute video released each week delivered by PwC staff. The focus is on practical and tangible learning, looking at setting goals, teamwork, leadership, creative problem solving, speaking and listening, and staying positive.

As well as being part of a $3bn global pledge to upskill, the Schools Series is linked to PwC’s local #TechEnableWales campaign, which is helping businesses and communities harness technology to solve important problems.

Laura Carter, NwNs Schools Series National Lead, commented:

“The objective of this programme is to support secondary school students to develop their skills for the future and make the most of their potential in their chosen career. It was designed with locked-down students in mind, but it’s learning that can be done wherever anyone has an internet connection.

“It’s been fantastic to support Welsh students in this way and we’ve been thrilled with the take-up. This programme is an element of our support for social mobility, so we can equip youngsters with the skills to help them fulfil their potential and get employment in their career of choice, whether that’s with us or elsewhere.

“All of the survey respondents indicated that the quality of the content was either excellent or good, and that their students learnt something useful.”

The spring series will remain available after the Easter holidays due to the upheaval caused by lockdown – but there will be more to come from PwC on this front.

Laura added:

“We are currently planning for the summer term, which will be something a little different for schools – a Dragons' Den challenge. More information will be available on our website in due course.”