West Wales Digital Platform Aiming to Connect Communities


The Connect project is pleased to launch three bilingual, digital platforms across West Wales.

Funded by the Welsh Government’s Transformation Fund, and commissioned by West Wales Care Partnership, these platforms are designed to help connect individuals within and across communities.

The platforms are intended as a digital way for all West Wales residents to find and help each other out by sharing their time on an equal basis. The platforms feature a Teams space where community members can collaborate and work on ideas that will improve their area. There will also be a space for community groups and services to showcase their online and offline events and activities.

Our platforms are proud to work with the Connect to Kindness campaign launched on Friday. Joining your County platform and connecting with your community is one of the ways to support the campaign.

There is a huge range of helpful videos on the platforms to help you find your way around and more will be released through our Facebook page in the next few weeks.

The platforms can be found here:

Please use our hashtags: #goodthingshappenwhenyouConnect and #Maepethaudayndigwyddpanfyddwchchi'nCysylltu

Connect can be contacted through our social media or via email – [email protected]