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12 March 2024

Welsh ICE Brings Exciting Pop-Up Shop Opportunities to Caerphilly Traders at Ffos Caerffili

Welsh ICE is set to inject vitality into Caerphilly's business landscape by offering pop-up shop opportunities to local traders. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the implementation of the Caerphilly Town 2035 Placemaking Plan, supported by the Welsh Government's Transforming Towns Initiative.

Scheduled to debut on March 15th at Ffos Caerffili, the upcoming market situated in Caerphilly Town Centre, this endeavour promises an exciting avenue for local entrepreneurs to showcase their crafts. The market will feature established Caerphilly institutions alongside new entrants, providing a diverse array of offerings to the community.

Welsh ICE will be offering container space to local craft traders on flexible 28-day leases, enabling them to test-trade in a prime high-street location. The initiative aims to provide a stepping stone for businesses, allowing them to gauge market demand and scale their operations accordingly. Moreover, the rental rates for the pop-up shops are significantly discounted, ensuring accessibility for budding entrepreneurs.

Tomas Phillips, Head of Commercial Development at Welsh ICE, expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating:

“We are thrilled to be offering this initiative and are passionate about supporting businesses in Caerphilly. The pop-up shop opportunities represent a tangible way for us to contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the local economy.”

Since its inception in 2012, Welsh ICE has been a cornerstone of support for businesses in Caerphilly, offering a range of resources including business courses, workshops, and coworking spaces. The organisation's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship has seen them assist thousands of businesses over the years.

In addition to the pop-up shops, Welsh ICE plans to utilise Ffos Caerffili for various events, including business networking sessions and support fairs. Collaborating with Caerphilly Council, Welsh ICE has most recently been offering support services in Caerphilly through the UK Levelling Up Funds, totaling £450k worth of business support. This funding provides fully funded after-hours business courses, workshops, and subsidised coworking, empowering local entrepreneurs to thrive.

Moreover, Welsh ICE will extend its expertise to other traders at Ffos Caerffili, providing them with business support and guidance to grow their businesses and amplify their reach. This holistic approach underscores Welsh ICE's commitment to nurturing a robust business ecosystem in Caerphilly.

On Welsh ICE’s involvement at Ffos Caerffili, Caerphilly Councillor James Pritchard said:

“I’m absolutely delighted that we have been able to secure Welsh ICE as a new tenant at Ffos Caerffli. Welsh ICE have a proven record of supporting businesses on their journey and this matches our focus on developing the private sector in our town centres. This is great news for the business community.”

For traders interested in participating in the Welsh ICE pop-up shop initiative, inquiries can be directed to or by visiting


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