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Welsh-Based Research Centre Set to Relaunch in September


An innovative Cardiff University-developed research centre, which has already generated millions of pounds in investment towards lean research, is to formally relaunch following a lull in activity over recent years.

The Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) pioneered the development of lean thinking through practical and academic research and has been one of the significant influencing bodies in developing Lean Thinking in Europe over the past three decades.

In the past, it contributed towards revolutionary research including the 3DayCar programme – a £1.5 million research project aimed at perfecting the car building process to deliver ‘made-to-order cars’ in just 3 days. The LERC has also worked with other major market players such as Tesco, Unilever, ASDA, Britvic and IBM.

The ‘lull’ in activity came after a shift in focus towards the development of the Lean Competency System (LCS) – a governing body for workplace qualifications in lean, created in conjunction with LERC. The LCS has now agreed with the University to take over the responsibility for managing and developing LERC and add it to its licence agreement with the University.

Now, the LERC research agenda is coming back into focus as a catalyst for change and improvement through collaborative and applied research. It will help organisations improve their effectiveness and achievement and is aiming to secure funding to support this innovative research.

To formally launch the ‘new’ LERC, a special conference is taking place in September.

The event will act as a springboard for the new research agenda as well as being a 25-year celebration since the LERC’s formation.

Managing Director of LERC and The Lean Competency System, Simon Elias, expresses his delight over the rejuvenation of LERC.

“We are delighted to announce the revival of LERC,”

he said.

“Research, collaboration and networking is absolutely integral to an industry with continuous improvement at its core.”
“We have exciting plans for 2019 and beyond which include establishing a broad community of practitioners and academics with an international dimension and are looking forward to seeing the research that is discovered.”

The LERC conference takes place on Tuesday the 10th September and will include presentations from key contributors to lean thinking, including the likes of Dan Jones, John Bicheno, Nick Rich and Nicola Bateman. There will also be networking opportunities, discussion groups, lean coffee workshops and an evening celebration dinner.