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UK Chairs International Emerging Technologies Development Talks

As part of the United Kingdom’s ambitions to become an international technology superpower, Technology Secretary Chloe Smith visited Paris to chair talks at the world’s first Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Global Forum on Technology.

Announced last year by the UK and OECD, the Global Forum on Technology has been set up to give like-minded OECD members and non-members a forum with technology industry and academia. The inaugural event will foster greater international cooperation on the rapid development of a number of scientific and technological advancements.

The UK is a strong proponent for the Global Forum on Technology, having already committed £2 million in funding, with additional funding coming from other nations such as the US and Spain. The UK’s funding will help organise and host further events and build the evidence and analysis needed to foresee the long-term opportunities and risks that are presented by emerging technologies.

The Technology Secretary will formally open the inaugural event, before chairing a high-level panel on shaping our future at the tech frontier between government representatives from the US, Spain, Ukraine, and OECD.

She will discuss how to achieve a responsible, values-based and rights-oriented approach to technology, with a special focus on emerging technologies. This includes developments such as the metaverse, engineering biology, immersive technologies, and the role of artificial intelligence’s role within all of these areas.

Technology Secretary Chloe Smith said:

“Closely collaborating with our allies on technology is the only way we will truly harness its potential for the greater good, while putting in place the cross-border guardrails required to manage the risks that could come with it.

Today, the UK will take a driving seat at the inaugural Global Forum on Technology, giving us and other like-minded countries an unprecedented platform to shape the world’s future in technology.”

Participants will not only include OECD members, but also include non-OECD members and organisations from around the globe, including emerging and developing economies. Countries participating in the discussions include Australia, Brazil, Senegal, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Ukraine, the USA and Turkey, with the European Union also participating. They will also be joined by representatives from global businesses, trade unions and civil society groups.

With challenges across the world in areas such as food, climate change, biodiversity, security and the economy, the forum will look to ensure the world can better make use of the opportunities new technologies can delivery. From improving food security and enabling affordable and clean energy that will lower consumer bills, to enhanced healthcare and improved education and training – all while avoiding the risks that come with them.


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