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21 November 2023

Swansea BID and South Wales Police Join Forces

Swansea Business Improvement District (BID) has joined forces with South Wales Police as part of continued efforts to target City Centre crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Swansea.

In collaboration with South Wales Police, Swansea BID is proactively responding to feedback from local business owners with the implementation of a new strategic pilot program which includes significant funding for additional police patrols across the City Centre.

Designed to combat business-related crime such as retail theft and anti-social behaviour, it is hoped that this investment actioned by Swansea Against Business Crime (SABC), a crime reduction partnership hosted by BID, will make Swansea a better place to shop, visit, stay, study and do business.

Already, with police patrols stepped up within the BID area, this tactical effort is demonstrating positive outcomes and has inspired the introduction of further safety measures, such as security body cameras which are now available to local business owners for a small weekly rental fee.

Russell Greenslade, Chief Executive, Swansea BID, comments:

“I am really pleased to report the initial results of our strategic investment, which was diligently managed through Swansea Against Business Crime, an initiative hosted by Swansea BID. This investment was meticulously designed to improve the safety and overall environment in our City Centre. In direct response to invaluable feedback from our BID members, we have taken proactive measures to enhance the well-being of both traders and visitors to our City Centre. In collaboration with South Wales Police, we have initiated a targeted and informed tactical operation designed to address issues such as retail theft and anti-social behaviour.

“The results achieved thus far are a testament to our commitment to creating a secure and welcoming environment. Significant progress has been made during this operation, including stop searches, ASB referrals and prompt arrests where required, making the City Centre safer overall.”

Last month, during Safer Business Week, South Wales Police worked alongside Swansea BID to provide businesses in the area with information packs for advice on retail crime, police contacts, reporting mechanisms and shop kind material, such as violence against retailer advice. A series of arrests were made, with some charges applied, demonstrating the importance and need to be proactive in tackling local business crime.

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Mark Watkins said:

“It’s incredibly important that those who work in Swansea city centre feel like they have a visible police presence in the area with officers who understand local issues and how to deal with them effectively.

“This initiative with Swansea Bid extends our partnership working to tackle emerging issues and crimes more efficiently and effectively.

“It’s vital that we put problem solving right at the heart of what we do and by working with Swansea Bid we can identify and tackle the issues that affect local businesses.”

This new pilot program is an escalation of measures already in place for the City Centre. In December 2022, the Swansea Business Improvement District introduced the SentrySIS app to local businesses in an effort to increase security and deter opportunists. The platform is now widely used by the BID, local policing authorities, City Centre business and stakeholders, with recorded measurable success rates.

Additionally, the BID have invested funds and support into providing businesses owners with Store Net radios, which can be used to communicate, manage and report local business-related crimes promptly.

Now, the BID launches its latest initiative – not only a collaborative relationship with South Wales Police and designated policing patrols, but also the introduction of their new security body cameras – a key product they believe will greatly enhance crime prevention within the City Centre, particularly in the lead up to the City’s busiest trading period.

Russell Greenslade comments:

“Our investment has already led to noticeable improvements in our growing City Centre. We are confident that these enhancements will continue to make a positive impact as we enter a crucial trading period for many of our local businesses. The safety and satisfaction of our community are paramount to Swansea BID, and we extend our gratitude to our members and partners for their crucial contributions and collaboration in this endeavour.”

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