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Survival Instinct of Entrepreneurs will Drive Economic Recovery


The survival instinct of entrepreneurs will drive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Founder & CEO of Moonworkers, a cloud-based HR software for SMEs.

With the UK’s vaccination programme continuing at pace and Chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing significant incentives for investment in business over the next two years in his Spring 2021 Budget, Nicolas Croix, a Parisian entrepreneur living in London, and Cambridge MBA graduate with a background in the media industry, believes entrepreneurial spirit can hasten a return to economic growth.

Nicolas, Founder & CEO of Moonworkers, said:

“There is a survival instinct among entrepreneurs and that’s how, in times of adversity, we see innovation. The COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t bad news for everyone, with some businesses unaffected or even thriving. I expect to see investment in existing and new businesses in the next 12-24 months, with people willing and encouraged to take bigger risks for greater reward in an effort to stimulate growth.

“When you are an entrepreneur, you have to lose everything before giving up – that's the survival instinct. Even though we hit a wall constantly, we try another door and see it can work with modification. With the added incentive for investment over the next two years, there is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost economic recovery.”

Nicolas is from a family of entrepreneurs and founded Moonworkers in 2020. The platform is now used by 75 companies in the media and film production, healthcare, and childcare sectors, with typically cash-strapped businesses able to save on costly recruitment fees which Moonworkers replaced with a fixed cost per worker, all managed within the online platform.

The platform has a user base of 1,100 professionals and has created a unique, commission-free talent marketplace, matching freelancers with specialist roles.