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3 August 2023

Shaping Contact Centre Environments for Lasting Wellbeing and Performance

Written by:

Dr Phoebe Asquith
Research Psychologist & Senior Business Consultant
Sabio Group




Workplace wellbeing in the contact centre goes beyond surface-level happiness; it encompasses creating an environment that nurtures the holistic wellbeing of advisors.

In recent months at Sabio, we’ve been exploring how organisations can shape work environments for a practical and lasting impact. By gaining insight into the experiences of contact centre advisors and providing the necessary targeted support, organisations can foster wellbeing and enhance performance.

Understanding the Essence of Wellbeing in the Contact Centre

Wellbeing in the contact centre is not solely about making employees happy. It involves creating an environment that supports the mental, emotional, and physical health of advisors.

Recognising the unique challenges and demands they face, organisations can design specific strategies to alleviate stress, promote work-life balance, and enhance overall job satisfaction. By addressing these fundamental aspects, organisations can unlock the potential of their contact centre advisors and empower them to deliver exceptional customer experiences, in a sustainable way.

The work environment plays a crucial role in shaping wellbeing. It encompasses various elements, including physical workspace, social dynamics, leadership styles, and support systems. By creating a positive, inclusive, and supportive environment, organisations can foster a sense of belonging, reduce stress levels, and promote overall wellbeing. Thoughtful design considerations, such as comfortable workstations, access to natural light, and spaces for relaxation, can significantly impact the mental and physical health of advisors.

Experiences Matter…

To truly shape work environments and prioritise the right action for lasting wellbeing, organisations must understand the unique experiences of contact centre advisors also. This involves active listening, empathy, and regular communication to gain insights into their challenges, aspirations, and concerns. By fostering an open dialogue and collecting the right data, organisations can identify areas for improvement, provide tailored support, and empower advisors to thrive. Regular feedback loops, individual development plans, and career growth opportunities are essential elements that demonstrate a genuine commitment to the wellbeing and professional growth of advisors.

Organisations often fear that prioritising wellbeing may negatively impact performance. However, research shows that the opposite is true.

By investing in an evidence-based, systematic wellbeing approach, organisations create a positive cycle where wellbeing enhances performance, and performance further promotes wellbeing. When advisors feel valued, supported, and motivated, they are more likely to deliver exceptional customer service, exhibit higher job satisfaction, and contribute to a positive work culture.

Organisations can support performance through proactive wellbeing initiatives – such as introducing complementary technology, providing training opportunities, recognising achievements, and fostering a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Introducing Sabio’s Wellbeing Programme

We’ve recently launched our Wellbeing Companion solution which is part of a wider Wellbeing Programme. This programme includes psychology-based discovery, Consultancy Services and ongoing Strategic Success Management – but the jewel in the crown is arguably our new Wellbeing Companion. The Companion analyses live, anonymised data to assess the impact of the contact centre environment, culture and workload on an adviser’s wellbeing.

We think it’s set to shake up the industry, taking advantage of ongoing, anonymised data to support advisers and managers as part of a systematic approach to an organisation’s wellbeing strategy.

Understand Experiences, Provide Support Systems & Foster Positive Work Environments

Workplace wellbeing in the contact centre is about creating an environment that supports advisors' holistic wellbeing and empowers their performance. By collecting the right data to understand their experiences, provide the necessary support systems, and foster a positive work environment, organisations can shape lasting wellbeing and drive success in the contact centre.

In the meantime, check out the recording of our recent webinar entitled ‘The Science Behind Sabio’s Psycho-Social Model of Advisor Wellbeing.’

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