Recycling Service Could Help Hospitality Businesses Slash Costs


Hospitality businesses in South Wales now have the opportunity to save money on their waste disposal costs while contributing to a sustainable recycling service which transforms their food waste into clean, green and eco-friendly energy.

The new ‘One For One’ wheelie bin collection service from food waste recycler Andigestion enables businesses such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, hotels and leisure venues to significantly reduce their environmental impact and improve their carbon footprint while benefiting from reduced waste disposal costs.

“Many hospitality operators are charged for excess weight in their general waste which can be very expensive to dispose of,” comments Mike Lowe, operations director at Andigestion.  “By having a separate food bin they can reduce or even eliminate the excess weight charges and possibly also reduce the number of general waste collections they have.

“Customers can place food directly into our bins, whether packaged or unpackaged, cooked or uncooked,” adds Mike.  “We’ll also take peelings, out of date food, plate scrapings, damaged stock, frozen or chilled foods.”

‘One For One’ customers also benefit from Andigestion’s Wheelie Bin Exchange which swaps the full food waste bin for a fresh, steam-cleaned one every time it’s collected, to help keep premises clean and hygienic with no mess, smells or liners for customers to worry about.  The service is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses producing from 20kg and up to 1 tonne of food waste per week.

Food waste will be taken to the company’s recycling plant in Gloucestershire, which processes up to 34,000 tonnes each year.  Here the anaerobic digestion process produces biomethane gas which is fed into the national grid and contributes enough energy for around 10,000 homes a year.  The ‘digestate’ by-product of the process – a mineral-rich, liquid fertiliser – is used by farmers as a sustainable alternative to carbon-intensive chemical products.

“We’ve operated this service very successfully in the South West of England for some years and are now delighted to bring it to South Wales,” adds Mike.  “It’s the perfect solution for businesses wishing to tackle food waste and reduce their operating costs – especially in the current climate when they need to operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.”

For more information about the One For One wheelie bin service, contact Andigestion on 0800 014 1141, or visit