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Peter Lynn and Partners Appoint Litigation Consultant


Regional law firm Peter Lynn and Partners Solicitors are delighted to announce the appointment of Scott Tuppen to their litigation team.

Scott, who brings a varied breadth of legal and business experience to the role, will be based out of the firm's head office in the SA1 Waterfront area of Swansea.

“I am delighted to join the team”, said Scott, “and am relishing the challenge of advising both businesses and individuals with their contentious and non-contentious legal matters.”

With a diverse background in business, law, education, and a period as a political advisor, Scott has taken a different path to most when it comes to law; however, his career gives him a unique perspective on legal matters.

“My career to this point has certainly been different,” explained Scott, “however my professional experiences allow me to see legal issues from a different vantage point which other lawyers may not have.”

Scott remarked that at university, he “studied business & law and followed this with postgraduate study in commercial law Cardiff University”, whilst combining this with a career as an entrepreneur and commercial manager.

“I have run several businesses, across a range of sectors including marketing, events, retail and hospitality, so I understand what it is like to be at the coalface”, Scott commented. 

It was this experience of management that ultimately led Scott to qualify as a teacher so that others could benefit from his experience.

“As a teacher and lecturer, I have used what I had learned first-hand working in business day-to-day, managing teams, budgets and projects, to help develop the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Scott, and “my goal since entering private practice as been to allow clients to benefit from this experience too.”

Scott has taught both business and law in schools, colleges, and universities. Currently, he teaches in the School of Management, where he has taught since 2014.

A chance encounter led to the opportunity to enter private practice. Uniquely, Scott trained under the tutelage of a public access barrister whilst completing his LPC in Bristol. During this time, Scott worked on a range of matters from wills, contracts, trusts, residential conveyancing and more; however, he found the contentious work the most rewarding.

“Training under a barrister meant that I learned about the importance of good drafting, statutory interpretation and the vital role of case law and procedural compliance in our legal system, which is invaluable when advising clients early on in a dispute”, Scott said. 

Working in a small practice meant there was never a typical day for Scott. From debt claims to employment disputes, Scott gained valuable experience in successfully dealing with a variety of types of matter, but it also gave him an insight into the benefits of early dispute resolution.

“I am a firm believer in trying to get both parties to resolve their differences amicably,” said Scott, “and from experience, when handled effectively, this leads to a better relationship between both parties.”

“Scott invited me to take part in his ‘A Conversation With…' series for the University, whereby he interviewed local business leaders and asked them to tell their story,” explained Peter Lynn.

“After the interview, we carried on talking, and it became clear that Scott shared the same ethos as our firm, in that it is better to try and prevent legal problems rather than leave yourself legally exposed,” continued Peter.

A vacancy in the firm's litigation department came at the right time for all concerned, and Scott was invited to join the SA1 team and work with a range of clients.

“I'm looking forward to continuing my private client work,” said Scott, “and it's great to be part of the region's leading law firm.”


Peter Lynn and Partners was established in 1999 to offer top quality commercial and civil advice to businesses and people in Swansea. With several offices in the heart of the Swansea area and a base in Cardiff as well, PL&P offer a wide range of legal advice and services to individuals and businesses across the South Wales region.

Their experienced solicitors provide a high quality service, which is tailored to the specific legal needs of the client, and ultimately aim to be ‘Preventing Legal Problems.’ We provide our clients professional legal services in lots of different sectors including Personal Injury, Family Law, Wills and Trusts, Residential Property, Commercial Property, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, Agricultural Law, and Sports and Entertainment Law.

Peter Lynn and Partners have 40 members of staff which contain nine partners, 21 qualified solicitors and paralegals who are backed by a team of seven support staff. They are committed to securing the best outcome for all our clients.


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