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25 September 2023

Pembrokeshire Golf Club Unveils Grand Expansion

Tenby Golf Club Unveils Grand Expansion: Opening its doors to the public, Enriching the Community, Investing in Hospitality, and Creating New Jobs.

With an impressive history spanning nearly 140 years, Tenby Golf Club stands firm in its conviction that Pembrokeshire retains its status as a thriving tourist hotspot. In an exhilarating development, the club is thrilled to announce an upcoming transformative redevelopment initiative in Pembrokeshire.

Anticipated to generate up to 24 full-time jobs, the £1.7 million redevelopment encompasses several significant enhancements as part of its objective to welcome the public. These include a vibrant public restaurant and bar, ten 4-star guest rooms that offer panoramic views of the town, dunes, and fairways, and a cutting-edge club house.

L to R are Tenby Golf Club’s Board of Directors: Austin Davies, Nick Gregg (Chair), Diana Dredge and Gethin Evans. (Missing from the photograph is board member Neil Thomas)

A new inclusion will consist of a club and society space, available for both members and the public to reserve for various activities and social events.

Furthermore, the club has converted an additional five on-site golf dormy rooms to create a total of twelve twin rooms. This expansion significantly enhances the club's ability to accommodate golfers, societies, and groups, allowing them to thoroughly enjoy the inclusive play and stay packages.

The crowning achievement of the redevelopment lies in the introduction of a distinguished new dining establishment in Tenby, ‘The Links’. The restaurant will provide an incredible gastronomic adventure, expertly designed by the celebrated culinary master, Duncan Barham who is making a delightful comeback to the Tenby restaurant scene. Known for his exceptional skills as the former Head Chef of the renowned ‘Salt Cellar’ in Tenby, Duncan’s selection sets a fresh benchmark for culinary greatness at the core of the revitalisation project. The new restaurant will welcome residents and tourists alike, providing a unique culinary experience that celebrates Pembrokeshire’s culture and cuisine.

Duncan remarked,

“My real passion is for producing great food that has a sense of place, within both the location and the seasons. Pembrokeshire has almost everything when it comes to produce; fantastic seafood, organically grown vegetables, slow reared cattle, wild game, fresh dairy, seasonal fruit, and that’s just within a few miles of the restaurant. Expect to see menus that showcase the best of what’s on offer locally”.

Expanding the offerings, a contemporary bar named “The 19th Hole” will extend a friendly welcome to both club members and the wider public. Open all day, it will function as a cosy coffee lounge, offering a variety of coffee and cake options. Additionally, visitors can treat themselves to lunches and snacks from its menu. For ease of access, new car parking facilities have been added for customers of the new complex, including 4 EV charging points.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformational journey,” said Nick Gregg, Chair of the Board of Tenby Golf Club. “Our vision for this redevelopment is to create an exceptional destination that merges our long-established passion for golf with unmatched dining and hospitality experiences and being able to share these with our members, visitors, and the local community. We would like to welcome everyone to this exciting new chapter.”

The new clubhouse, guest accommodation and restaurant are due to open on Saturday 14 October 2023. Bookings are now open to the public and can be secured via the website


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