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8 March 2024

Parcel Management in a World of eCommerce and Digitisation

In a recent interview with Business News Wales, we caught up with Richard Wigley, who heads myRENZbox UK at The Safety Letterbox Company. He shared insights into the latest developments and operations at the Neath-based company. With a keen eye on the future, spanning over a decade, the company has noticed a significant increase in parcel volumes, especially with the surge in online shopping, particularly during the Covid era.

This surge brought about logistical hurdles, safety concerns, and a rise in theft risks within building premises. In response, the company proudly introduces myRENZbox Locker, an advanced, IoT-enabled solution crafted to address these challenges directly. The locker offers top-notch security features and dynamic parcel allocation, ensuring safety and efficiency in parcel management.

As pioneers in innovation, the company places a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. It has achieved the distinction of being the first globally to attain IoT Cyber Assurance Level 2 certification, aligning with rigorous European standards and upcoming UK regulations. The company is dedicated to maintaining the highest security standards, undergoing annual audits to uphold its commitment to excellence.

At its heart, the company is driven by a passion for delivering practical, high-quality solutions that improve lives while prioritizing privacy and security. Its relentless commitment to innovation, quality, and security positions it as a leader in parcel management across residential, student, and commercial sectors. You can count on the company to be the cornerstone of safety and efficiency in parcel management.


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