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26 February 2024

Manufacturing in Wales – In Discussion with Leading Manufacturers in Wales

This latest digital discussion, host Carwyn Jones provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by Welsh manufacturers. With a focus on Wales Week London, which serves as a central platform for businesses like discussion guests Wig & Pens and VOG Brewery, it enables them to showcase their Welsh roots and innovative products.

David Bentley-Miller, founder of Wig & Pens, shared the journey of his niche business, highlighting the genesis of his idea and the unique personal touch each pen embodies. Despite challenges, such as fluctuating disposable incomes, the business has thrived, leveraging social media, particularly Twitter, to reach high-profile clients globally.

Similarly, Craig Edmonds, Director of VOG Brewery, discussed navigating the competitive brewing sector. With a focus on quality and innovation, the brewery aims to carve a distinctive niche in the market. While export markets hold promise, challenges like shipping costs and market dominance by large breweries pose obstacles.

Wales Week in London serves as a vital showcase for Welsh businesses, offering opportunities for networking and exposure. Both entrepreneurs underscored the importance of government support, emphasising the need for streamlined regulations and local authorities aligned with business needs. Despite differing industries, both speakers echoed pride in representing Wales on an international stage and highlighted the significance of Wales Week in London as a platform for growth and recognition.

Through collaboration and perseverance, Welsh businesses continue to make their mark, showcasing innovation and resilience on a global scale.

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