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Openreach is made up of four divisions – service delivery, fibre and network delivery, strategic infrastructure development, and headquarters.

They tackle complicated engineering problems – from coordinating works with councils, highways agencies, energy suppliers and landowners, to installing and maintaining the complex kit that provides fibre broadband services. 

28 November 2022

Business News Wales spoke to Abby Chicken, Head of Sustainability at Openreach. Responsible for the sustainability strategy at Openreach, Abby shares details of the transition of their 30,000 strong fleet of vans to EVs and the challenges faced in helping the UK build a greener future.

Openreach, the UK's Broadband Infrastructure provider, is taking steps to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Having a van fleet responsible for 66% of Openreach's carbon emissions, converting from diesel to electric is the easiest way to try and achieve this.

Currently Openreach have converted 1600 vehicles, and with mounting challenges stemming from global supply chain issues to name a few, Openreach are working hard to get to net zero with the support of the government and various fleet groups.

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