Newport ‘Legends’ Successfully Launch Children’s Football Academy


Last weekend saw current Newport County Captain, Joss Labadie, and former captain, David Pipe, launch children’s football Academy, Kixx Newport with around one hundred children attending the opening sessions.

The football academy which is aimed at children aged between 2-6 years, will be based at Carbon Fiit, a football & fitness centre, owned by former Newport player, David Pipe. The opening event was a huge success, with all sessions available being fully booked up and enjoyed by around 100 children and 30-year-old Newport Country midfielder, Labadie, was really excited about finally launching the academy in Newport and now hopes to make a huge impact on hundreds of children across the city:

He said:

“The launch on Saturday was just incredible. We really couldn’t have wished for it to go any better than it did.

“All the sessions were fully booked up for the launch and discovery day which mean’t the atmosphere was just absolutely electric. Everybody really seemed to be having a fantastic time and seeing so many children laughing, smiling and getting active was truly an awesome thing to witness.

“It was a truly proud moment for myself and David with us both having very strong ties to the city, and now we are given this amazing opportunity to make a huge impact and help make a difference to the lives of many children in Newport.

“Everything that our Kixx Academies will do as a brand, will all be about making a positive impact on every child, and at every opportunity. This is an awesome mission to have as a business. ”

Former Captain, David Pipe, co-owner of Kixx Newport added:

“Kixx as a business and a brand nationally, its family values, passion, care and overall goals, match up to mine and Labs’ and what we want to achieve in Newport.

“We have some amazing facilities at Carbon Fiit and it will be the home for our Kixx Newport Academies.”

“The best thing about Kixx is that it’s for all children regardless of ability. We will help build confidence and not only skills for on the pitch, but for off the pitch too. Football as a child is just something you should enjoy, to have a laugh with friends and to create memories that will last with you forever.

“Last weekend felt truly amazing to be a part of and we would like to thank all the parents and children who attended. Many of attendees actually booked on back in March before the entire world went into lockdown. So we are sincerely humbled by the level of support and patience that has been shown to Kixx Newport at the start of our journey.”

Parents and guardians looking to book on Joss Labadie’ and David Pipes, Kixx Newport Academy, can do so via the Kixx website at or you can visit the Kixx Newport Facebook page to ask them any questions direct.